Important Essentials To Check Before Launching A Wordpress Site

  • Are you also one of those thinking about launching or re-launching your website in WordPress? There are several websites that appear or get launched on the web daily. Hence it is important to ensure that your website is dense out amongst others. Considering the same, here we have given details about all the important factors that you need to know before launching a word press website. So, let's get started.

    Get Started

    In the starting phase, it's important for you to select the right web host for your project. Usually, it has been found that people launch their sites with basic word press hosting, while in many cases, people prefer to choose the managed word press hosting for launching their sites.

    Install A Backup Solution For WordPress

    Setting up a backup solution is one of the most important factors that you must consider for your site. It is just like an insurance policy that will help you in recovering and retrieving your website data whenever something gets wrong. There are several free and paid backup plugin of word press available that you can use for this work. Additionally, you can set the automatic skate dual backup on cloud storage services like Google drive, backup buddy, Dropbox, or other.

    Must Secure WordPress Site From Hackers

    Word press is the most popular content management system platform available. And there are several hackers who usually forget the sites available on this platform. Hence, it is necessary for you to ensure the security of your site.

    Must Check Your WordPress Site For 404 Errors

    If you are launching or have launched a new website, then the 404 error can prove to be a bad user experience. It is necessary for you to ensure that all the pages available at your site are loading properly and correctly. Additionally, there should be no missing links there. For this, you can also consider adding your website to the Google webmaster tools. This will update you whenever the crawl reports with 404 errors.

    Set Up Email

    Failing in sending or receiving emails from the word press website is one of the most common issues that usually the users face. Sometimes, the email notification gets delivered and sometimes not. The major reason behind this is, the mail service is usually considered as email spoofing.

    Must Keep A Check On All The Forms

    Once your email setup is done, then it is important for you to ensure that all the forms available on your website are working properly and accurately. You must check the comment forms, subscription forms, and the contact forms properly. If you are running a multi-user word press or multi-author website, then it is necessary for you to check out the registration and login forms.

    E-Commerce sites

    For the business owner, it is necessary for you to think according to the perspective of the user and browse through the products accordingly. In case you are selling the products digitally, then you must ensure that it is delivered promptly. Additionally, in the case of physical goods, we must ensure the smooth completion of the orders.

    Must Check The Videos Images And Sliders

    The videos and images help in making a website more interactive. It is important for you to ensure that the images and videos added to the website appropriately. You must try to play all your videos on different web browsers as well as the devices.

    Test The Integration Of Social Media

    In order to launch any product successfully, social media plays an important role, and hence it is important for you to ensure that you are not missing even minute detail. It is important for you to ensure that the user is not feeling any difficulty while looking for getting your business on platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

    Must Test The Performances

    During the development phase, the issues related to performance are a major concern. Hence, before launching the website, it is necessary to test the site properly. Additionally, you must check the speed of the site with the help of tools like Google page speed for Pingdom. It is necessary for you to understand that speed is not only important for user experience but also from the SEO aspect; it plays an equally important role. If you are facing problems with the speed factor, then you can hire an SEO specialist to get rid of the problem.

    Install The Google Analytics

    If you don't know how you were users are interacted interacting with your site, you will not be able to improve yourself. For this, you can install Google analytics, and through this, you can easily track the interaction of the readers. Before launching oversight, we must install Google analytics.

    Check SEO

    Search Engine Optimization is also one of the major sources for generating organic traffic for every website. If you are willing to optimize your website for the search engines, then it is necessary for you to check out the factors. By hiring SEO experts, you can easily get the best strategies to enhance the ranking of your website in ERP.

    Check Robots.Txt File

    If you want the search engines to crawl to your website easily, then it is important for you to have the robots.txt file.


    If you execute the above-given practice is properly, then it will surely bring success to your website.

  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the SEO company WordPress website checklist.

  • Well… we are all confronted to the same problem then :(

  • I've been trying to use a Change To Target brush, which doesn't mess with the original 4K texture's scale, but finding the right hue for each character's base texture is very tedious. Doing it within Poser is even more tedious. Doing it in Studio's Texture Blender function is nearly impossible because the changes don't update as quickly as they should. And of course, 3ft wolf's texture creator for his product doesn't work on male gens - it immediately calls an error about the geometry being wrong.

  • Yes…you are right.

  • I may be wrong but…

    What 3FeetWolf's script do for "creating texture" is just taking the corresponding part (meaning the part around the female genital area) of the texture of the base G2F character skin you use and apply it to the prop 3FeetWolf's Genitalia.
    If that's the case, why it doesn't work with a G2M Genitalia is simple: A male genitalia has a specific mapping, and need a dedicated texture that is not present on a base G2M character skin, and even less on a base G2F character skin.

    That's why, in my opinion, making a Futa character with an harmonious skin merge between the G2F skin and the male genitalia skin is always fastidious... unless you master photo editing software like photoshop and know all the tricks to do it: You need to create a skin from scratch matching the G2F character skin used, or heavily edit an existing G2M Genitalia dedicated skin to match your G2F character skin.

    If I'm wrong, just let me know (I would be happy to be wrong in this case! :D)

  • Korothir…that is correct, but I can't see why one couldn't use 3FeetWolfs method on male gens. I'm no good with PS and I haven't had a chance to do mats yet for male gens but I'm sure it's all the same method. So, in essence using masks and opacity to blend the gens and hip. Still learning myself, so keep us posted.

  • If you want good props and texture compatibility use OMGDK2. It's awesome if you learn some Photoshop tricks such as color adjustment and blending to match the textures.

  • Hi everyone ! :)
    Also interested by the subject.
    Currently, this the last main obstacle to finish one of the main characters for an upcoming story ^^'.
    I checked Poison's Gender Mix for G2F a few months ago, and it was only about smoothing the male genital on a female body on a 3D/Mesh level, not texture-wise… Or I missed something? Or maybe the author has updated his product?

  • Thanks. That looks really useful.

  • Check out 3FeetWolfs femgen products…he/she also has a skin creator, which is a well structure PSD file utilising transparency etc...

    For the futa stuff check out Poison's Gender Mix for G2F

  • I'm fairly good with Photoshop, but matching textures is a pain. Blah

  • Not that I've found unless you're a photoshop whiz. I'm not, so I'm having to scale down the 4K pecker texture template to clone brush the hip area from the female body map.

    I really wish Daz would not have used the entire pubic area, and only used where the penis connects to that part. I guess I need to get into Daz's Content Creation shit so I can re-do it myself in a way that makes it easier to texture.

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