Delta Airlines Vacations

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  • Monday: over-paid sleep study subject
    Tuesday: over-paid porn reviewer
    Wednesday: over-paid video game tester
    Thursday: over-paid 'Yes man' for a global mega-corp
    Friday: over-paid observer who watches people go about their daily lives

    Notice they all pay well but involve no real effort on my part :D

  • monday: pillow tester
    tuesday : blanket warmer
    wednesday : pussy wetter
    thursday : cuddle supervisor
    friday : orgasmo-therapist
    saturday : broken heart plumber
    sunday : day off - video games

  • Monday: Bounty Hunter/repo man
    Tuesday: Parkour pro
    Wednesday: Self Employed Laser Engineer
    Thursday: some job where I get to break things
    Friday: a porn producer/star while making 3DX

    Fair enough?

  • Monday: Director of animated films
    Tuesday: Dean of university
    Wednesday: Owner of NFL Team
    Thursday: President of the United States
    Friday: CEO of Disney

    Notice they go from least powerful to most powerful :P

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