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  • I don't trust wireless stuff. I had a Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer at one point and that was a really solid wireless mouse but the batteries ran out so often… it was a real hassle even with rechargable batteries. I tried a Logitech VX Revolution but I guess something interfered with its signal because it jumped around a lot so it wasn't really reliable enough to use for much of anything. Haven't messed with wireless stuff ever since.

  • can't say that i'm happy with my Logitech G510, but programmable keys makes my life much easier
    in conjunction with Logitech G500 Mouse

  • I use a Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth. Really enjoy the mechanical stuff.
    I don't like bluetooth or wireless devices…more clutter, but my preference.
    Highly recommend this keyboard.

  • I've recently moved to all Bluetooth stuff. I've got a Logitech K400 that I use for general surfing - close-grouped keys and a touchpad where the number pad should be. I game with a 360-style controller (wired), so I haven't "lost" anything by not having numbers on the board.

    No frills, just a Function key that activates alternate operations (Print Scr, etc), a Homepage key, and volume mute/down/up buttons.

    I've also got a Logitech K360 that is a full-sized board (keys aren't scrunched up like the 400) and has a num pad, and a Logitech M325 mouse to go with it. The wheel has extra left/right functionality that comes in handy for the Creation Kit for Skyrim modding (camera movement mostly), but so far haven't been able to assign it to special functions in Poser.

    I've also got a Logitech T650 wireless touchpad (6" diagonal glass pad) that has potential, but needs lots more functionality to be useful for me in relation to graphics. Maybe one day they'll update the software for it.

  • Those Roccat keyboards I told you about, they have an EasyShift key which lets you use every key on the keyboard as a different function when you hold it down. By default it replaces CapsLock but you can make caps normal and put the function elsewhere. You can customize pretty much every key too, and the lighting effects for them. I actually only have 5, F4, A, J, :, and PrintScr illuminated.

  • 18 keys to macro and 3 profiles and the software is easy as hell to use.

  • I got Sidewinder X4 keyboard. It's a pretty good keyboard, has a few features I like. It also saves up to 3 different profiles. I have one profile with the windows button on while the other two have it disabled, which makes it great for gaming.

    Oh and it glows red. :)

  • I use a Roccat Ryos MK Pro with red CherryMX switches and 0.2mm o-rings that go under the keys.. they make the travel distance shorter and prevent the keys from bottoming out and making loud clacking noises.

    This is my review of it from 2013:

    ! Pro:
    –-The per-key lighting is amazing
    ---Being able to reassign every key or give them macros is amazing
    ---Easy-Shift is amazing
    ---The thumb macro keys... well, they'll probably be amazing once I find a use for them. Right now I'm using them as previous, play/pause, next in windows and I haven't decided what they'll be on game profiles... probably some hard to reach keys or macros or something...
    ---It really has NKRO... I pressed like all the keys at the same time and they all registered lol.
    --All the keys are mechanical - there aren't any metal springs/supports to mess with when taking off the keys and putting on o-rings.
    ! Cons:
    ---The wrist rest doesn't lay flush against the desk, it's about 1/2 inch off it, so it kinda hurts my right wrist when typing. I had to roll up a paper towel and put it under it to give the final support between the rest and my desk. Not ideal.
    ---The num lock & scroll lock lights are blindingly bright and aren't affected by lighting settings. I REALLY hope they release a firmware update or something that fixes this.
    ---Needs 2 USB plugs, but I knew that.
    ---The bottom row of keys all have an upward angle rather than downward slope so your thumb is constantly hitting a sharp edge and it kinda hurts your thumb. You can take the space bar off and put it on upside down; it'll make the lightning not work and look a little funny but the slope will be good and it's a decent workaround.
    ---The super glossy finish across the entire face of the keyboard is a bit distracting.
    ---Only blue lights. It'd have been cool if there were like red & green lights as well that you could choose per-key. It's still pretty cool either way though.
    ! Overall the keyboard has a ton of amazing features but there are a few design flaws that shows that Roccat still has a bit to learn about keyboard design. The wrist rest and space bar slope should have been common sense but somehow it was missed.
    ! I went with CherryMX Red switches, the o-rings I installed were 40A-L 0.2mm from WASD Keyboards, and I used their keycap puller as well. It's my first time using a mechanical keyboard other than going to a store and trying out all the switch types before making my purchase decision and to be honest I'd probably like the keyboard just as much if it were rubber dome. It's not a big selling point for me personally.
    ! I was able to purchase the keyboard for $142 rather than $169 when it first became available otherwise I probably wouldn't have ended up buying it since I was pretty on the fence about it. My decision was between this and the Razer Anansi, but Razer has such shoddy hardware reviews and if you check the Anansi over half of the ratings are all super negative about how it breaks, has sticky keys, etc. Roccat was the better choice for a piece of hardware that is going to be reliable and not break on me.
    ! The reason I decided to even get a new keyboard were thumb macro keys though. I wanted them ever since I saw the Anansi, and that was a big dilemma for me since the Anansi has 7 and this only has 3. I essentially had to weigh the very poor ratings and reputation over a higher price for something reliable. I'd tried the other switch types, including black, and I didn't care for them. Black, I couldn't even feel a difference between them and rubber dome personally so I didn't think it'd be worth it with a mechanical unless it were red, for me. That's the only reason I opted for the Pro rather than the standard model, which would have been totally fine if they'd had different switch offerings; I don't really care about the per key lighting, USB hub, or mic/headset hub. The only reason I went with Pro over the lower versions was so I could choose my switch type.
    ! I could have went with a Roccat Isku which has dedicated multimedia keys, Easy-Shift, and 3 thumb macro keys, but with it being rubber dome and my current (at the time of making my decision) keyboard being a Logitech G11 I didn't think a rubber dome with only 3 thumb macro keys would be worth it. I'd actually decided I'd just wait for someone more reputable for rock solid reliable hardware like Logitech to make their own version of the Anansi with the 7 thumb macro keys and I'd just get that. I wanted a Razer Naga for years but I put it off because of all the shoddy reviews and word of mouth and Logitech finally made a clone of it, their G600 here just recently, so I was hoping for the same. But it'd take years for that...
    ! I'd finally reached my decision that, especially since I'd thought this would come out on Nov 18th and the date just kept getting pushed back further and further and I was getting frustrated. I'd actually been waiting for this specific keyboard and fangirling over it for well over a year. So anyways, I decided that I'd do as described above on the day this became available - a few hours before it did in fact, which was super ironic! But, with the $30 lower price I couldn't pass it up. That was enough to convince me to go ahead and purchase, and here I am.

    tl;dr version: I had to turn the space bar upside down because the edge was too sharp and since the arm rest part doesn't lay flush with my desk I have to put something between its edge and my desk so it doesn't hurt my wrist.

    I probably wouldn't bother with a mechanical keyboard again in the future though, there's just not that much of a difference. If I were to get another keyboard it'd be either a Razer Anansi or a Roccat Isku FX. There's literally no need for the Isku since I have an MK Pro but it'd be cheaper and probably better since it has dedicated multimedia keys and muticolored LED's rather than just one color. I do imagine it'd suffer the same fundamental design problems as the MK Pro though.

    The Anansi would be nice because all the thumb macro keys. I didn't go with it because Razer products have a tendency to break rather quickly - the reviews for it are especially bad, quality issues… stuff breaking.

    I wanted a Razer Naga for a long time but eventually Logitech made their own version, the G600, and it's a great mouse. Hopefully someday they'll copy the Anansi too and make their own version without shoddy hardware.

    You'll note that all of the keyboards I mentioned have thumb macro keys.

  • browsing fredfred's (excelent) linked site, i've found my dream Kboard:

  • Coolest keyboard ever

    Although I don't use my computer at a desk so it's useless for me. I'd like a keyboard with LED's in the keys so they light up, as I often lose track of time and find myself typing in the dark because it's night-time and I didn't notice :D

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