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  • @'rtpoe':

    We'll get them when the Cubs win the World Series…..

    That means it will never happen.

    It's like how cloning will never exist like in The Sixth Day, all because of The XFL. :(

  • Technically, we have until October-something to get our shit together.

  • Whhere's all the sky traffic? Where's Mr Fusion? Where are the holo-projectors with fake ass sharks?

  • I think this year will be filled with surprises. Maybe BTTF does get a few things right

  • We'll get them when the Cubs win the World Series…..

  • "Auto wash" :lol:

  • I prefer the Fifth Element food machine thing.

  • Be patient. We've only just now got our Dick Tracy wristwatches, and we were promised those almost 100 years ago. (Samsung Gear)

  • Looks cool, but not the free roaming hoverboards we were promised.

    Also where's this?!

  • They have them, they're just really expensive and I think the best ones only work on metal surfaces and you can't really do any tricks on them because they stay perfectly even.

  • Wait for summer, dude.

  • …Oh yeah. Forgot about that! :D

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