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  • I have been completely negligent in the posting nude women department. Mainly because I haven't been making them. But I took a break from silly fantasy fights to make an artistic dancer pic.

    Rendered with Iray. I'm going to do a Modo version, to see how they compare with very similar lighting set ups.

  • I don't think Iray is better, it's just different. It's probably easier to do photorealism with Iray. But nothing wrong with extending what you know and getting better at that. Iray would be more tempting if I had several powerful Nvidia cards. Then the speed improvements would be worth the cost of learning a new approach to rendering. But for now, it's just something to play with when I don't feel like going through the work of assigning shaders in Modo.

  • yea…i'm trying to use Iray, but it's confusing, i guess...what light sources are we supposed to use? what about shaders? do we use the Iray shaders? i'm gonna try Iraying Alex again...i just like using 3Delight, but i know
    Iray is better..we'll see...

  • Playing with Iray. I don't have a Nvidia card, so Iray isn't especially fast, but I like how quickly I can get things set up vs. exporting to Modo. The downside is that I can't model anything or use procedural shaders inside of DAZ, which I do a fair amount of in Modo.

  • LOL…life has seriously got in the way of my progress...excuses, excuses, excuses :)

  • @'Veneri':

    Indeed…why not? Looking good mate.

    Thanks. So when do we get to see what your nervous caught guy was caught looking at?

  • @'aguinness':

    …Where's the belly button? :P

    On the Affect3d reader, it's hidden. On the original image, I remodeled the garter to show it off:

    adult photo hosting

  • …Where's the belly button? :P

  • Indeed…why not? Looking good mate.

  • The next Chamber Elf panel is going to take a lot of work, so I did a quick (3–5 hours of non-render time?) render of a woman with a sexy belly button. It was so successful, I decided to take her bra off. And since I was undressing her, why not make her more curvy, more a tune to the Affect3d sensibility? Why not indeed.

    L'Affect3d dangereuse

    Most of the non-render time was spent fixing the mesh—poor intersections and getting the shirt to fit within her fingers (kinda). Unfortunately, I didn't notice until it was too late to bother that when I reshaped the reader, her fingers fell away from her glasses…

  • Time to reboot the Chamber Elf story.

    The opening episode goes back to Iqpha's first days in captivity. Because Iphqa and her twin are twelve at this point, no nudity (plus, I don't want to create a violent gang rape scene, especially of a child.). I think the third episode gets to more Affec3D appropriate content :p At some point, there will be futa and I won't let auto-correct turn it into feta. I promise.

    Chamber Elf 01: Throwing Jaledi to the Wolves

    The PDF, with possibly clearer text, is here:

  • A more explicit version is, um, coming.

  • Before the harrowing experiences of the next Chamber Elf comic, Iphqa gets to have some fun posing for a fashion shoot. In some other place and time, where elves exist in modern photo studios.

  • Playing with expressions.

    photo uploader

    Full size

    Rendering this was a huge, massively time-intensive pain until I thought to render out the building with a spherical camera and use it as an HDR environment. Even counting the separate render for the HDR, I cut my overall render time to less than 20%.

  • The internet can't hear you laugh. Unless you attach an MP3.

    I'm looking forward to seeing it, even if I take your Christmas threats too literally.

  • LOL Lo…was just kidding mate.
    My time is so limited atm though and I'm not spending as much time on my image creation and required skills as I would like; but hopefully I can put that particular image together in the not too distant future.

  • Before Christmas? As in nine months for now? You have a different time scale than me, my friend. Are you waiting to buy a new character? Or need time to develop one?

  • I needed Shayna for that and one more female character…hopefully before Christmas!!!!!

  • Thanks for the encouragement.

    1:57 for the main image; 2:24 for the Iphqa close up. They're in the same scene, with the same lights (although I moved the "candle" for for the close up to get a better result on Iphqa's face).

    I agree on the lighting. For some reason, it looked right to me when I was first working on it, but now it seems super dark. Modo has great toning tools, so even before you export the image, you can correct for a lot of lighting sins.

    Until recently, I was rendering out megabright, then adjusting the images in post.

    With some correcting, this gets better:

    free screen capture software

    But, oy!, I'm so much better with 3-point lighting :p

    Now I need to figure out where this story is going and how I can tell it in the little chunks of text under each frame.

    When are you going to do a render with the sweaty guy getting caught? Or with him looking at something other than us?

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