NEW Store Release - Elven Desires: Prison Perils 2

  • We're getting the New Year off with a bang as legendary artist HitmanX3Z returns with Part 2 of Elven Desires: Prison Perils, available now in the Affect3D Store!

    Feeling lonely, the Guardian Of The Castle goes down to the prison but isn't prepared for what she finds. Not only have her prisoners escaped from their cells but it seems they know the price of their freedom is giving this hot blonde Elf the best fuck she's ever had! She's captive to their desires as the big green Orge wastes no time getting his huge cock down her throat while his male Elf cell-mate stretches her pussy with his big dick. However cumming in her mouth and giving her a creampie isn't enough for their curvaceous captor so she encourages them to give her a DP that leaves this sexy Elf's body and mind delirious with ecstasy! But is she willing to let them leave just yet?


    995-795It's hard to overstate the quality of HitmanX3Z's art as they deliver what is easily some of the best 3DX around! While fans of monster sex will automatically consider this an essential purchase so should anyone who loves seeing some truly great quality 3DX. Elven Desires: Prison Perils 2 is 65 exquisitely rendered images featuring some of the hottest sex around! This title is priced at $9.95, but for this weekend only, you can pick it up for only 7.95! You've got no excuse not to get Elven Desires: Prison Perils 2, so go get yours right now!

    Buy Now Elven Desires: Prison Perils 2 over at the Affect3D Store

    or discretely at our BMT Micro Page now!

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