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  • I think anything by Lian Types is gorgeous in a way that lends itself towards sexy-romantic.án_Types/

    I've used Reina 36 Pro for the images posted here (along with Bauer Bodoni, I think—Bodonis exude sophisticated)

  • LOL the ducks is hilarious LOL

    I'd have to go through my fonts and see of there was one I could see as being suited for such purposes, but then I guess like anything, it's in the eyehole of the beholder :P

    I mean, I have artsy-fartsy fonts that look like Death Metal logos, and I've got elegant fonts like cursive writing, or some sort of Victorian/Edwardian style. Either one would work depending on the situation IMO.

    I mean, suppose you're doing a General Pusspoker type of scene - then you'd go with a stencil-type font like on an ammo box.
    OTOH, if you're doing Miss Kitty's Wild West Whackfest, then an Olde West font would compliment that.

    It goes on and on like that, in my opinion, but if you were looking for something as the main header/logo for a site, I'd go with something moderately curvy but not too floral.

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