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  • V6 is the flagship of the genesis2 line, and Genesis2 is a base from which all new figures are built - Mei Lin, Belle, Norma, Aiko 6, Olympia, Stephanie 6, The Girl 6, etc.

    Top content developers were given early access to G2F and the morph packs so they could develop new characters. However, I don't think they were allowed to name them inside the mesh itself, so when you load a "non-6" character preset, it will always say Genesis 2 Female instead of the character's name.

    Actually, I'll have to check, but I think Aiko 6 and the other Daz-named characters also come in a Genesis 2 Female instead of their "character" names (i.e. Mei Lin, Lee, etc).

  • sorry about the pics…i got sidetracked. i think i figured it out, though...i had a v6 base model and added the Norma skin. this time, i just loaded the Norma actor.
    here's a question, though...why's it say genesis 2 and not victoria 6? it's robably an obvious answer, but i was just curious. isn't Norma v6?

  • Vanilla V6 or HD V6?

    And SSS materials or not? The tattoo texture? Which makeup option? Could be any of those, or all. I'll load it up the same way on mine and see what I can see.

  • Images would help ;)

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