Keto Premiere købe i Danmark, Pris & Piller Anmeldelser

  • Denne Keto Premiere vil hjælpe dig med at øge dit metaboliske arbejde og desuden hjælpe dig med at kontrollere dine overflødige nærings længsler og give dig mulighed for at optage bare sund spise rutine for at kontrollere produktionen af ​​dit fedt. Det vil hjælpe dig med at brænde uden al det ekstra mave fedt for at give dig den faste masse og for at forbedre din krops tilstand.

  • Ah life, it just keeps getting in the way of more important things :)
    Looking forward to more of your work.

  • Thanks. That's Mei Lin 7 from Daz. Can't recall if I did any custom tweaks to the face or not.

    Unfortunately I got hooked on iRay rendering in DS 4.8 shortly after doing these shots, and working with that on my own has been challenging and educational, on top of learning to use DS (I love Poser's simplistic interface but hate its Flash-based Library system), so I had to go back to square one on these.

    Then Fallout 4 came out. Then the Creation Kit. Yeah, I'm a geek with waaaaay too many hobbies lol

  • Groovy work, I like the Asian model.

  • Ah yes.

    Seems like you got some stuff going on. Could be interesting.

    I expect my render quality would be similar. :)

  • Started a new job recently and haven't been able to work on anything in-depth, but here's a few more renders from the Aphrodite storyline:

    Here we see 2 of Aphrodite's constructs enjoying some anal action in the pool:

    And here, another construct gets her pole smoked and her hole poked:

    Which leads to…:

    These two constructs are enjoying a round of "let's try it this way":

    ..with the inevitable…:

  • Thanks :D

  • Hey awesome

  • lol, u sure dun fooled me!

    ~GO :D

  • WAHHHH First comment and it's an insult WAAAAAHH!!

    Just kidding LOL

    Thanks for the reply :D

  • your pics are alright man. Some are not of great quality, but who do I know? My work kinda sucks. Keep at it tho m8!

    ~GO :D

  • I guess I should have mentioned that the images are clickable and will open the larger versions…

  • Aaaaand yet another story in the works (possibly tied in with Sam and Meg above - haven't decided yet - the redhead in this scene is Sam from the other pic, so there's that) :

    Tropical Island, hot babes, Futanari Action (no dicks in these pics):

    This started out as an updated version of a DOAX-based series of images I had been doing over the years with Aiko 3. These are all Genesis 2 figures (Aiko 6-based). While I hate to "officially" release a derivative work, I've heavily considered dropping the DOAX reference and just work the various figures into a larger story, as well as feature them in their own parallel stories (10 figures in pairs gives a lot of material to work with). Jun, above, was originally one of those 10 figures.

    That's all for now: I've got others but I'm also rendering and haven't yet set any one story in concrete, so everything's disjointed :P

  • Yet another story I'm working on (yeah I got way too much to do and not enough time to do it)

    WARNING: Dickgirl Ahead:

    Still haven't worked out the details on these two yet - step-sisters or housemates (college or single chicks sharing a house, etc).

    At any rate, Samantha comes out of the kitchen to find Megan chillin on the dining table. Samantha's reaction: "We just had that polished." :P

  • Test render of a character from another story I'm working on.


    For the couch (Flight Of The Swan by Daz), I wanted the top of the cushion to compress where her body and hand contacts it, but the top of the cushion is only 2 polygons.

    I had to make a new top for it using Poser's hi-res Cloth Plane prop and the Grouping Tool to cut away the excess mesh (as well as the original top of the cushion), then went over it with the Morphing Tool to give it the compression effect under her hand and legs

  • A draft image from the Aphrodite story:

    Aphrodite on the right, Hera on the left, 'bout to get jiggy widit in Aphrodite's bathtub just before the Futanari constructs come in and hose them down with spooge :P

    It's a touch dark, but I'm a big fan of using light and shadows.

    As well, the Aphrodite in this image is not the same figure as in the first one, but I still like the image.

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