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  • The thing with Lux is that it never "finishes" because it is always calculating light. Reflective surfaces reflect infinitely, refractive surfaces refract infinitely, and light emitters constantly emit light. It doesn't seem to function like a regular "rendering camera" where that moment is frozen in time and there's only a set amount of photons and their bounces captured in that one still image.

    Another thing you might want to look into is how shutter speeds and ISO film speeds and fStop work, so the light calculations have the best time-window to work in (i.e. faster shutter speeds let in less light than higher speeds, focus distance (fstop) determines what's in or out of focus, and higher fillm speeds (400+) will have less grain and blur than lower (100-200) speeds).

    I might go back to LuxRender at some point, but I'm really liking some of the lighting systems from RuntimeDNA that use Poser's native lights and material options (HDR, Indirect Lighting, Image-Based Lights, etc).

  • thanx, guys!!!
    i love this forum. you guys are so helpful, and everyone here does such great work…it's such a nice place!!!

  • DoubleDirk is right, use Lux, learn the value of patience.

    Part of using Lux (imo) is learning how to efficiently light a scene and set up Lux so the image renders to a level you accept within a reasonable amount of time (though still expect to wait hours)

    Until you can do that, start a render before bed, you should have a clean image in the morning

  • Yes indeed the image will eventually clear up. Depending on the lighting and how complex the scene is will determine how long you'll have to wait. Lux requires patience no doubt. There were times when I would be happy with a render at the 2-4 hour mark and other times when I would have to let it go a solid 12 hours or so until I was happy with the quality of the render.

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