NEW Store Release - Legend Of The Anaria: The Stranger

  • Fans of Futanari and Lord-Kvento, your prayers have been answered! Kvento's newest title Legend Of The Anaria: The Stranger is now out and available at the Affect3D Store!

    Since we last saw our heroine, Anaria finds an escape route from the dungeon and into the forest. As she wanders around, she spots a female sitting by herself on a stump. But it's not ordinary girl: It's a dickgirl! Anaria watches as the stranger jerks her huge cock just a few feet away from her. Anaria also can't help herself and begins to masturbate. After a loud orgasmic scream, the stranger spots Anaria. But instead of running away, she knows both of them have needs to satisfy and invites her over a wild fucking! The stranger's huge cock fucks Anaria in all three holes before blasting a load all over.

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    Since the beginning of the year, Lord-Kvento has been cranking some of the hottest titles for the 3DX community. And this one is no exception! Containing 106 images and featuring oral, vaginal and anal action, Legend Of The Anaria: The Stranger is definitely a must-pick-up for any dickgirl fan! So check it out now!

    Buy Now Legend Of The Anaria: The Stranger over at the Affect3D Store

    or discretely at our BMT Micro Page now!

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