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    I've released her for download. You can find here here:…ate-for-V4


    a face morph doesn't usually take that long to do, maybe someone will try :)

  • I know most people haven't seen her, but I would love to see a Anna Silk face morph. Google her and add in the term lost girl. Great show (she's a succubus!) and she is SO DAMN HAWT!

  • I've released her for download. You can find her here:

    Sorry, miro. I went with a more 'accurate' representation of her breasts. You could still change them yourself, if you like.The face was reworked (chin placement, cheek bones etc).

  • anybody for Alice Glass of Crystal Castles?

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    As long as the boobs are big :D

  • This is actually from memory, at least that's what I think. I was just playing with the dials, trying out new things and make changes to my existing face morph. So, no photo reference at all. Though I did a caught a glimpse when 'Skeleton Key' was played on the TV the night before.

    So. it's a work-in-progress, but the starting settings looks pretty good. Now I'm inspired to really make a MILF character. One question though - do i make the boobs accurate or not?

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    there's a resemblance, but she has a pointer chin no?

  • Came up with this last night (or day, depending where you are in the world).

    Looks close enough to Kate Hudson, don't you think? Still has some work to do, but I think I'll keep her.

  • @'MykeH':

    What a sweet picture…! and perverted simultaneously! :P good work!

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    shaping up, she seems a bit masculine around the chin area, otherwise getting there :)

  • Cool stuff. They only lookalike I've made is a Kim Kardashian.

  • Okay, got some hair sets… Tokyo Hair seems to look good. I also got Ersa hair, Hampton Hair sets and some hair bundle I haven't looked at yet. That pretty much killed my budget this month, but that's why I have a budget. lol. Anyway, here's the Alba V4 with Tokyo Hair. I haven't posed her or anything yet and she's wearing the V4 bikini for those that are curious about the image. Enjoy!

  • Your character resembles very much Ms Alba. Congrats!

  • I've seen a couple of hair sets that are on my list of things to get, I just haven't got them yet. As for the face itself, it's just basic V4 and I've tweaked the dials to get where I am so far. I didn't add ++ or any other morphs at this point.

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    looking good, did you make it using ++ morphs or sculpting?
    Check out the renderosity store, I'm sure I've seen similar hair there.

  • On the Scarlett/Elena front from the new monthly challenge, I have been working on a Jessica Alba morph with V4 off and on. Here's a side by side view that I did. It needs work obviously, but it's off to a good start. Sadly, I don't have a hair set that fits and my attempts at making hair has fail hanging all over it so I need work there, but it's all a start, right? Anyway, input as always, is welcome.

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