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    Have a look on this page>>

  • This is an old piece I recently updated, love that big round ass.

  • This is an old piece that I recently updated because this is by far my favorite ass shot.

  • How's this for a big round ass? One of my older pieces I recently updated.

  • One more goofy one before I get back to bigger girls.

  • I managed to tweak some setting on my computer to it would stop having a fit over complex backgrounds, but it still took close to two hours just for a simple render like this.

    Image: Happy Holidays from Kaizer and two of my older V4 models, Liv Tyler and Scarlett Johansson

  • Well, I tried rendering a scene with a complex background and my computer almost had a nervous breakdown. So for that reason I will likely end up having to stick to simple ones. So anyway, here are some more big girls in action.

  • Big Girls need dick too…

  • Ah…amazons with playful personalities. I'm liking this so far.

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