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  • Try adjusting the Materials options for the inner mouth texture (Ambient, Specular, etc). You can also reduce the Diffuse color shader (not the numerical value, which relates to texture strength, but the base color, which is probably white).

  • Oh, that's evil. I don't always want shadows on my lights. But thank you.

  • @'LoChrome':

    Elf is just trying to have some fun, but her mouth is glowing and it's a total buzzkill. Is there a way to control for this in DAZ?


    Also, it is possible to do light linking? I want to boost the spec on one skin while not doing so on the other.

    Well… I think that issue is because you have some light in the scene without shadows.
    Daz by default has the lights with no shadow, so you have to change it every time you add a light in the scene, You need to choose Deep shadow map or Reytraced. Hope this help you!!

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