Does this Pandemic Work as a Catalyst to Advance the Digital Era?

  • New 2020 is the era-defining event because of COVID-19. The term “social distancing” has become our weapon to fight against epidemic & have redirected modern commerce & business-orientation via revamping business & interpersonal interaction. The phrase “Digital transformation again has proven as a Boon” clearly defines that- Digital adoption fuels in user-aiding term electronically by the mean of improved online infrastructure & increasing Internet connectivity or making the world digitally empowered in the field of technology. While social distancing is the new mandatory practice, this pandemic works as a catalyst to advance the digital era, and digitization has proven itself a blessing to business entities- startups, SMEs & large enterprises.

    The pandemic undoubtedly forced many businesses to transform their offerings & move into a more online format to meet the customer & customer’s changing behavior & customer wants to continue talking to brand & be there for them. Businesses & brands have switched to online medium (mobile Apps, websites & software) to match their customers’ need and how digital transmutation become a silver-line in the era of social distancing.

    Elevating an essential question about how people, processes, and content interact in this new normal.

    Here, find why the pandemic is working as a catalyst in social distancing & benefiting business.

    Pandemic’s Influence on the Popularity of Consumers & Business Mobile Applications

    Social-distancing is the new rule of 2020, and businesses cannot practice all the safety or prevention of dealing with their customer, but… Digital transformation working like a white-glove for the business bodies by rendering them no-touch operational methods. The below-mentioned industries witness how business can be operated smoothly without being in contact & runs on the digital medium.

    Wholesale & E-commerce:

    It is critical for wholesale & e-commerce enterprises to execute preventive safety measures & stay sustainable, but an e-commerce app development service for the particular enterprise or business can do. Via rendering mobile app platform, stores & brands give their brand mobile & contact-less visibility, which guarantees the contact-less shopping.

    Grocery, Food & Drink:

    To get the goods, grocery & other on-demand services & pay at a counter from the stores can break the chain of social distancing. An on-demand app development service is a silver line in accomplishing a contact-less business. The grocery business experienced a significant number of digital movement after this pandemic.

    It shows that the pandemic has propelled many people who previously preferred shopping in person to download mobile apps of grocery delivery services to have food, drink, and other essentials delivered to their doorstep. This trend is only going to increase in the coming months and years.


    Educational institutions can be the reason for a social-distancing break. Providing institutes- a digital platform in online learning and teaching platforms under education app development can be a no-touch education for the business.

    News Apps:

    Holding Morning newspapers can violate the No-Touch movement. It has a high chance of getting infected with the virus to save the paper, but holding the e-news in our smartphones can cause no harm and reduce infection zero. It not only eliminates the chances of infected touch but also reduces the environmental pollutions and also contributes a lot in the “Save our Trees” movement. Switching to e-news app development can give their reader a smart and safe approach to connect the world. Pandemic worked as a catalyst in increasing the demand for e-news. See here.

    Healthcare Apps:

    While it is incredibly difficult to get a doctor’s appointment during the current pandemic situation, reaching out to a doctor online and getting valuable suggestions from them has never been easier. But Healthcare apps are one of the most downloaded apps since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and have reduced seeing a doctor in the epidemic. In this pandemic, people have more concerned about their health, and it is one of the man reasons that have given rise to the mHealth Apps.

    How can Companies Use this Pandemic as a Catalyst to Advance the Digital Era in Favor of Customers?

    The current pandemic is having massive effects on business, including (and especially) social distancing. None of us know when things will return to “normal,” but this pandemic has allowed us to advance our digital world as the world is witnessed of “Mobile Apps= Digital Technology Survival Kit” time-frame.

    Understand, anticipate, and go beyond to fulfill customer Experience

    Apply a digital-first approach to business processes, operations, and customer engagement. Perform a special glance at customer need as you need to Focus on the customer mainly. The customer experience has been the main priority for a while, but businesses now need to transition from experience to true engagement. Those who can keep customers interested and connected during this challenging time will be the ones who survive and thrive when this is over. Pay extra attention to what customers need.

    Leverage the right technology to stay ahead of the challenge

    Leveraging the Right Technology can provide more comfort to customers and can give your business a smart-ever approach to get your customer attracted to your business. Technology has provided customers with the indulgence of multiple channels during a pandemic. According to a survey on a company, 60% of customers get disappointed because of conflicting experiences.

    Customers should feel like the new platform, or further interaction is an extension of the same as before.

    Provide customers a Consistent experience through seamless multi-channel, and that will lead to customer satisfaction.
    Automation embracement in terms of Computer-based systems increases the faith and the digital customer experience. Try using automation on the way to provide your customer with a digital experience and note it down in your strategy now.
    By automation embracement, customers experience a rapid response as every customer willing to get. It saves the customer’s time as he does not need to wait for so long for the query’s reply, and he’ll get an automated response over that. Additionally, automation provides a polite and structured response that sometimes customer blame for human advisory behavior. It eliminates the risks.
    Practice efficient onboarding experience to provide smooth customer-experience

    When you deploy a mobile application to your customer, customers always expect to navigate your applications easily. Good navigation is much more required to make your app popular & recommend one. Mobile app onboarding navigates you towards the way to understand the applications and its functionalities. Inclusion of on-screen guidelines with a virtual assistant through the steps, provide great customer experience and also promotes the social-distancing

    Keep your Product up-to-date and update your customer regularly

    Keeping customer updates regarding the Product and offering is as mandatory as informing people about pandemic prevention & safety guidelines. To provide your customer with a great digital experience, it is quite compulsory to provide your customer information on frequent updates. Use real-time tracking; you can update your customer with every single update your Product is providing your user.

    Benefits of this Digital Advancement:

    If necessity is the mother of invention, then this pandemic is responsible for new ideas and inventions to advance the digital landscape. We find ourselves in a unique position to challenge predetermined concepts of what is possible. If this invention is being in practice, we can leverage a plethora of benefits via digital transformation.

    Leverage the purpose of technology frameworks and infrastructure
    Encourage new ways of technology-driven work to drive efficiencies and productivity
    Research and development innovation at its peak to provide enhanced customer experience.
    Incline towards hiring technology skills & established digital services.
    Grow the organization’s ecosystem to include alliances with innovative companies, entrepreneurs, and startups
    Automate now for the future globalization.
    We all have witnessed that many traditional approaches are well addressed by the digital transformation to ease our daily lives and insist on us to rely on it to save time, effort, money, etc.

    The winners will be those organizations who can adapt and seize the opportunities emerging in the recovery’s dawn via joining hands with the best app development company.

    We are right here to provide your business a digital-platform, book your consultant for free via hitting a mail us at [email protected].

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