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    Instancing does seem interesting in terms of duplicating figures, setting up complex exteriors duplicated assets, grass, weather effects, etc

    Can you do fluids as well with instancing? Spose that would indeed be useful :D

  • Noted hzr. I used that morph since I didn't have time to make another one.

    IK is available in DS3 and up, it's just borked. That's one of the things Poser have over DS. Really makes making animations a major pain in the ass.

    SSS is nice to add that little something to renders. I just find omnifreaker's implementation too limited. For instance, if you have different SSS settings for several surfaces, you have to categorize each surface into its own group. Otherwise, the two surfaces will 'blend' SSS settings together. Since the number of groups is limited to 128, you can only have 128 surfaces with it enabled. Use a couple of V4 with different shades of skin, add clothes/fabrics and other objects and you'll soon run out of groups. Transluency and a little bit of ambient tuning can fake that SSS look, so I don't miss it all that much.

    I'm hoping instancing will make populating scenes easier. For instance, having several V4 & M4 with morphs loaded really takes a lot of memory right now. That's why I generally have a limit of 3 models and clothes with lots of polygon is a big no-no. Since the mesh is the same for the models, only morphs settings needs to be loaded per model. If they extend that to clothes as well, that will work wonders with clothes that offer a lot of surfaces/material domains (like V4/M4 Bodysuit and Genesis Supersuit). Each cloth can have a different look though they share the same mesh. I prefer this method rather than doing things wilth transparency textures (that also eat memory and add render time).

    There's also the possibilities with special effects, like water droples (rain/water drops) and the like (falling snow/leaves, etc). And of course, the hardest thing to get right in 3dx - gobs of cum that look and behave realistically. Right now, most of the stuff looks too fake for me. Or maybe lots and lots of tentacles for the more hentai stuff. :D

    On a more serious note, making scenes with premade objects (Infinito - - comes to mind) should also be easier if not more memory efficient. Even premade objects (like rooms) can be broken down into several instanced props.

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    Posing is still a lot more smoother in DS3 and since DS4 didn't fix IK

    really no IK???


    I generally avoid using any kind of SSS

    one of the key things to get realistic human skin though, or at least give the skin a far more interesting look, that's only if you're going for realism though


    The most interesting feature of DS4.5 that is useful for me is instancing

    what exactly does this do, other than duplicating geometry? Like it's used from grass, etc right? but what else is it good for?

  • Yeah, I noticed that too. DS3 is also still way faster than DS4.5 which was supposed to be as quick again. Especially when youre posing with the Pose Widget and the Pose Tool Window where you can drag around bodyparts and pin those that should not move. In DS3 theres absolutely no delay and its silky smooth, in DS4+ its almost crawling…

    Youre badass V4 needs to have a grim face tbh. She has a way too nice look about her ;)

  • Posing is still a lot more smoother in DS3 and since DS4 didn't fix IK, DS3 works best for me. Render times are about the same. Manipulating magnets and figure properties is just so damn slow in DS4, which is stupid since the same thing works really fast in DS3. And of course, DAZ still sticks to the tradition of making files saved in newer versions incompatible with older ones.

    Outside of architectural renders that use GI or scenes that has very smooth shadows, I can get away with my render settings (render shading rate >=1, UberEnv shading rate to 32 and shadow samples to 64). The materials preset I have are made without textures in mind, so that keeps memory footprint very low. I generally avoid using any kind of SSS since it takes a bit longer to render and it's quite limited if you have multiple materials using it.

    The most interesting feature of DS4.5 that is useful for me is instancing. That will truly help in scene setup and memory usage (hopefully). I'll probably look into what DS4.5 brings, but for now I'm sticking to DS3.

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    Those are quick renders, but why are you working with DS3 still when DS4 was free?

    Cute set of weaponry she's got there and posing looks sexy :D

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