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  • I know about Renderotica. Well, I kind of solved the issue of genitals for males. I can either use the default dick that comes with M4 and the high resolution textures, which you can scale as much as you want if you remove the limits and which looks OK and does the job, unless you want to make weird ass dicks with thorns (WTF?). If I want to make futas, I've got that covered too. Not using Genesis and judging by what I've read about it I won't until I absolutely have no other choice. But for now, all I need to worry about is the female ones for V4. I've tried Karina Vagina but I can't figure out how to make it blend, and the parameters are overly complicated. Most of the others are even worse. Lali seems to be the best but for some reason, only the pussy part works, and my female characters that use it have no asshole, even though according to the Lali manual they should have one.
    I do have some more recent Poser books. As for the various rooms (hair, mat, fitting), I'm not that advanced yet. I've never used them. So far I've only used ready made hair. But that's a story for another day because hair seems to be another pain in the ass. I hate that I can't make something as simple as straight long, flowing hair. Sure you can use it if you make a standing pinup or the head is in an upright position, but try to make a woman on her belly and long flowing down her back and for me it's proven impossible.

  • It's been mentioned elsewhere but I'll say it here: for all your nekkid needs 18+, Renderotica. Do you even Renderotica, bro?

    Also I think for coloring skin textures and other things, you need some kind of plugin for your preferred photo editing program (i.e. GIMP, Photoshop, Corel, etc.) with all the programs you use. Or at least knowing how to extract existing files to copy and edit and reintegrate as an additional option to use –though this way can be a rather messy process if it's anything like game modding (this is why plugins help!).

    I believe the others have answered all your other concerns.

  • Satanica's RealM3Gens will work on any figure, but you can't Conform it to non gen3 figures (V3, A3, M3), you have to select Figure Parent and then select the Hip (V4/M4) or Pelvis (for Genesis/2) of the figure you want it parented to.

    The problem with Poser books is they were written when Poser first came out, are based on older versions (Poser 7) or were written using preview/beta copies of Poser where certain functions either:
    1. Were not implemented
    2. Worked fine until some other element was changed/fixed/broken
    3. Were removed/changed before the final release

    As well, they were written by people who figured it out, rather than taught by the devs how it works. The Hair Room is the perfect example of that. Everyone follows the 3-click rule and ends up with the same hair ball, then suggests you style it with the tools. This is laughably incorrect, as you know if you've ever tried the Hair Room.

    You can change the Diffuse Color to try and match the genitals skin texture to any other skin color. Remember when you were a kid and mixed colors with Crayons? Yellow + Blue = Green, Red + Blue = Purple, etc. Using that simplistic logic, you should be able to tweak the Diffuse color to make the skin texture almost any other color (pastels and plaids would require a bit more work, but it can be done all within the main Material box).

  • to 1) well Lali's bits don't mess with the textures, because it don't need to, it more or less change the hip part and ad the inner lips and the rest of vagina and so on but the outer part, you mostly see is morphed stuff from the hip so no new textures needed there.

    I never used jurg, but I use adzhirogen, it has also not directly matching textures, there I use the native texture of adz and make a template out of it to cut out some part of the skin from the m4 texture, at least for the seam, also to hide in the final render the edges which still appear I use some good old postwork. This template thing got very good explained somewhere int he forum I guess even by jbtrimar.

    1. that is the thing wiht all poses, dpending how they made the will bring your character in he final pose at the point where they are, or they move them around. but it will never fit instantly correct.
      Then you have to correct the pose to your needs and bring them to the final position after you applied it.

    2. well that depens where windows is installed if it is on a different partition or harddrive nothing will change, you might don't have poser in the windows registry and non of the desktop icons, but happens for all programms. if your windows is on the same hard drive and partition as poser the new installation will delete it, like everything else where windows get installed on. but you can save it before on a extrernal hard drive or so. and then you can move it in the new installed runtime folder after you reinstalled windows and poser or you choose by the poser installation…I guess it was "other location" or so for the runtime and put in the path to the location where you saved it.

    hope you can understand what I wrote there. sry, english is not my native language.


  • Thanks. After I posted I noticed I made a mistake in the topic title, which should have read "that no Poser book could answer". Or at the very least, it's not very likely to happen, since I doubt they would have a chapter focused on "insertions" (LOL), and they are not structured in the form of a FAQ anyway. Ironically, ten minutes after I asked the question I stumbled upon the (huge!) list of morphs available for M4 in the Poser library (including the "all natural" one which removes the painted on clothes). Seeing this made me realize I probably hadn't installed the corresponding morphs++ for V4 and that's why her "kitty" was missing. I did and that also made all her body morphs work (clothes had options like "breast size" or "cleavage", but whenever I applied them, the clothes would morph, but the breasts would stay the same, and this fixed it). So I'm feeling my way around "like a blind man at an orgy", i.e. learning by trial and error.

    1. So Lali bits seems interesting. And most everyone seems to use it and it is smart enough to match the textures of the character (even though the lips are pink) so no need for messing with textures.

    Which seeems to be the problem that the JURG penis has. Apparently you need to fiddle around with the textures, which may or may not match your character's. And to add insult to injury, it seems it only has black and white textures, so if you want to do a red demon or a troll I guess that means you're screwed. However, since I've seen demons, orcs with dicks that matched their texture, I can assume those artists were using a different prop (maybe Satanica since it says it works with the Nybras red demon model). Since it seems old (2007) and it mentions M3, does it work with M4? The description on Renderotica makes no mention of M4 and at USD45, it's going to hurt, especially if it's not compatible with M4.

    1. How do I deal with jumping poses? All the poses I have tried only work with the default empty room created by Poser when starting. Whenever I load a complete scene, when I apply a pose to my character, it will either apply the pose but make the character face in a diferent direction, or it will sink through the floor, or jump up in the air. This gets even worse for poses where two or three characters are supposed to get in specific positions. The first will sometimes load OK, but the second will load facing the wrong way or far away from the first character, even though they were supposed to be near each other. Resetting the characters doesn't help either. Resetting them takes them to the starting point of the scene (like "the door" or similar) and applying the pose on a zeroed figures means they will hold each other, or whatever they are supposed to do, but in the doorway, instead of in the middle of the room where I want them.

    2. What happens to my "runtime" folder when I need to reinstall Windows? Will simply copying it back suffice after reinstalling Poser (all my content is installed in the runtime under the poser directory)? My Windows is due for a reinstall and I would hate to go through reinstalling everything. Installing the DAZ products is extremely time consuming, and I don't even have a list of everything else I have installed. So I would prefer to avoid it if possible.

  • Look here as we have discussed this before.

  • There are some Genitals, for V4 for example Karina or Lali's bits.
    The Boxers are part of the textures, that is why you don't get rid of it look in the m4 folder there should be a texture set without the boxers.

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