Forum Features #70

  • Its been 2 weeks ladies and gentlemen since the last forum features, and you know what that means….Forum Features returns! We’ve got some intelligent discussions for you to flex your brainpower, a few frivolous silly topics that we hope will tickle your funny bone, and maybe even some heated debates. If none of that provokes your curiosity, don’t worry because as always we’ve got artists posting their newest and often naughtiest creations, so come on in and take a look around.

    Hot Topic: Things you didn't expect in porn.

    Life can be full of things you didn't expect and it is often the case that these unexpected things come from the most unexpected places, and we think porn could be one of them! Has anything you've seen from the world of porn blind-sided you from out of nowhere? Maybe you seen something that was unexpectedly hilarious or downright bizarre. Perhaps you might even have seen the new woman of your dreams, made more of a surprise by the carnal acts she was engaged in before your eyes? Share your surprises both good and bad here.

    Creative Works: DoubleDirk 

    When DoubleDirk started posting his images over a year ago many of us sat up and took notice. This artist immediately impressed both his fellow artists and 3dx fans alike with his skills and well chosen character depiction. Displaying a taste for slender realistically proportioned girls surrounded by both classical and contemporary settings is always a good choice, especially in combination with naturalistic believable sex! DoubleDirk may have taken a leave of absence a few months, but came back with a vengeance show the determination to get down into the inner workings of 3DX in order to come back up better than before!


    Other Topics To Check Out

    Ruin a wish: It is said in folklore that the original myth of the “Genie” was a creature that would grant your wishes but not in a nice way (wish to have more money and your parents would die gaining you an inheritance!) This thread is similar in you have the power to grant the wish stated by the poster above you! Mean? Yes. Fun? Absolutely!

    Red Spec: 3DX artists often use a variety of programs to make the images you love extra special. This can get expensive and is often not worth the cost or hassle! One promising product is Red Spec but it's also relatively expensive so is it worth spending money on? Join the debate and see if you should drop your cash for it here.

    Read any good books lately? Not everyone here at Affect3D spends their time looking at erotica, making erotica then going to play videogames! Some people appreciate the older yet no less valuable forms of entertainment such as books. If you're one of them then be sure to stop by this thread so you can consider yourself among the intellectual elite of our forum!

    Your personal Christmas traditions: In-case you haven't noticed Christmas is less than 2 weeks away! It's a time with many associated traditions that almost everyone enjoys (or at least tolerates) but we want to know about your own personal traditions that you observe during Yuletide. Are there certain movies or music that you only enjoy at this time, or perhaps some family traditions that take place? Whatever it is you can help share the christmas spirit by sharing them with the rest of us here.
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