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  • Ah okay thats nice to know. I was already trying this with the morph tag and morph deformer but probably just messed up the assignments. Thanks for testing this out.

    Oh and yeah I tend to stay away from zbrush and rather do stuff with c4d tools. Even though the sculpting isnt as powerful as with zbrush, but its just less trouble to just take a brush and start painting on the mesh :)

  • Nice find irotiq…I tested the steps and seems to work fine.
    I added Trolls hand to standard Gen1.
    There will be some tinkering on the verts to get it looking right, but may be worth the effort ;)
    I was also able to bring it back to DAZ as a morph.

  • I got the impression ZBrush wasn't an option here. If it is an option I think using the Morph Brush might be more reliable than projecting one mesh onto the other.

    I'm not a C4D user so could be completely off the mark, but this workflow on cgsociety seems to describe something similar to Veneri's suggestion. Looks like they use Pose Morph Tag, Morph Deformer and a weight map?

  • You can project one mesh on another in zbrush, i.e. original mesh on modified mesh with replaced parts.

  • Yeah of course the same figure both times. Basemesh and morphed mesh, so the non cut versions have the correct verts and matching count of verts in them. I just hoped that it wouldnt matter if I took vertices from the other mesh but I guess I was wrong.

    After that I tried to find a way using only morphs. What I would like would be some kind of a deformer that only morphs the mesh on certain areas. I tried using the morph deformer with some falloff but it didnt seem to have any effect at all, and simply just dialed in a full morph without any kind of a falloff actually applying to it.

    I mean… there has to be some plugin somewhere. I bet I am not the only person who has had this idea before, to easily combine meshes without breaking them :)

  • hzr, was the morphed one a G1 mesh as well?

    Yes, you stuffed the vert ID's by doing that. I assume you are using C4D for what you did? I recall you starting to learn Maya, so not sure :)

    If from the same mesh I can't see why you can't use a Character pose morph tag.

    Let me know if I can try to be of assistance with this.

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