why is brother printer not scanning from windows pc?

  • Troubleshoot brother printer won't scan issue
    Brother printer is one of the most portable devices, which you can place anywhere on your work desk. With this printer, you can print your documents. Once you will setup the printer in your network. You may rarely fall into the troubles related to the printer itself.
    But still sometimes, people may encounter little problems with their printers like- printing or scanning issue.
    Nowdays, there are so many brother printer users are complaining about brother printer not scanning issue. according to them, whenever they are trying to scan any document on through their window 10 or any other device. they receive some error and it won’t scan.
    To fix this issue, today, I am writing this article about how to fix the scanning issue on the brother printer. if you are unable to scan the document through brother printer, you can perform these techniques to resolve the issue.

    1. First of all, you should plan to restart your printer and other gadgets. So you should power off the computer, printer and access point for one minute, and then restart your gadget again.
    2. Please check that your machine is not in the sleep mode. Most of the time, people are unable to scan the document due to the sleep mode issue. so you should wake up your printer.
    3. If you see a green power light on your printer, please check the status of wifi light as well. if it is orange or yellow. You should troubleshoot the network connection. Your printer is syncing to the wifi, that’s why you can’t print or scan the documents.
    4. When your brother printer is not scanning the documents properly, you should remove the printer property from your computer, and re-add the printer. to complete this process, you may go to the control panel and choose drivers and printers option, meanwhile, if you are mac user, you need to go to the printer preferences and follow the procedure to remove and re-add the printer.
    5. Please do not forget to setup your device as default. Most of the time, we give a scan command to the wrong printer. that’s why printer doesn’t scan. Make sure you are not repeating such mistakes.
    6. If you have already done the following changes, but still your brother printer not scanning the documents, you may remove the current driver from your computer and install a new version of driver. Once you will install it on your computer, you may give the print command again. I am sure it will begin printing this time.
      So these are the steps to fix the brother printer won’t scan problem, in case, if you are still facing the problems related to the brother printer, you can check the security functionality as well. may be the security programs are letting your computer connect to the printer. that’s why you can’t scan.
      In case, if you are still unable to solve the scanning issue, you should visit the nearest brother printer service center and ask them for servicing. It will start working fine than.

  • @'Veneri':

    Hi Viper…she looks good. A bit too reflective for me though.
    Are you modeling the strapon and accessories yourself?
    Keep em coming :)

    Thank you I'm working on the skin at the moment so it should look much better.
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    This looks very good.
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    Thank you, Hard to find the time to get anything done.

  • This looks very good.
    well done :D

  • Hi Viper…she looks good. A bit too reflective for me though.
    Are you modeling the strapon and accessories yourself?
    Keep em coming :)

  • A quick render of one of the girls.

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