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  • Granted. Unfortunately you still have 'your little accident'. (if you get the reference)
    I wish this guy and Nuke were the 2 bikini clad guys mudwrestling each other at the Lawlor event center.

  • Granted. You don't, but he does.

    I wish I knew then what I know now.

  • Granted. You forgot to make a WISH. Now open the spoiler box…


    I wish sigma were real, I'd love to obliterate him in a duel…

  • Nice one :D

  • Granted: You've committed suicide after laying a trail of irrefutable evidence that implicates Supro as the killer, and he spends the rest of his life in forced buttsecks hotel.

    I wish there were more people like me in the world :D

  • Granted. Unfortunately you didn't ask for protection from the heat…you're now ash.

    I wish to get away with the perfect crime.

  • Granted: You get two. You just used up one.

    I wish I could walk on the Sun.

  • Granted, your inside an undestroyable orb that you can´t leave and nothing can get in, so your totaly safe, bad part is all the girls will never get in and to save you from too bright light, you can´t see through it.

    I wish to have more wishes.

  • Granted: Sadly, MetalSlimes make horrible pets in reality, and are made of Mercury, which is highly toxic to you especially. But you don't die - that would ruin the joke. You just suffer the slowest possible death imaginable. Kinda like Dracula with terminal cancer - you won't live forever, but you'll die over a very very very very very long time. Slowly. In agony. With the two fat guys in bikinis constantly mud wrestling in front of you.

    I wish for what I did before, with the added bonus of being immune to all disease, weaponry, natural and unnatural disasters, comet strikes, glactic catastophe, Galactus, Galaga (I and II), Ford Galaxys, Spiral Galaxies, Black Holes, Sink Holes, Pot Holes (unless they're full of slowly smoldering pot), debt, Space Invaders, Asteroids, 'roids, Mentos, bad breath, foot odor, choking, drowning, deceleration trauma, G-Forces, G-Force, advertising, marketing, management, mismanagement, Celestial alignments, front-end alignments, and anything else anyone else can think of that I missed :D

  • Granted. Unfortunately you get a life full of attention from beautiful women…full of STDs...and they don't tell you when involving you...and since it's obscurity and misfortune all about, these women are in too bleak of a mood all the time to keep up on their appearances, or their general health for that matter.

    I wish the monsters from Dragon Quest/Warrior were real because I have always wanted a pet MetalSlime.

  • Granted: Those "early bird" specials like laptops for $200 and 60" big-screens for $350 are actually shit-and-dead-skunk bombs that explode when the boxes are opened. However, you go over to someone's house who has purchased 3 of said items and they all open the boxes simultaneously, and you are in the "kill box".

    I wish to live a life of obscurity and misfortune where beautiful horny women do not adore me, and are not OK with hot girl-on-girl sex-action with each other.
    (betting everything on reverse-psychology) :D

  • Granted. You now have a squishy plastic submarine which is otherwise completely useless…locked in the most secure of places...good luck with that.

    Granted. You get to watch two fat guys in bikini wrestle in mud.

    Do they look like the big old fat dude who did Tim and Eric music videos on adult swim? (I.E. Sit on You, nicki minaj parody, etc.)

    I wish stores everywhere on Black Friday would prank their customers by having their employees pull jackass style antics. (note I stayed away from stores on black friday)

  • Granted. The animals only talk about sex and poop. Usually at the same time.

    I wish for a boat that doesn't sink or anything bad happen to it.

  • Granted. It belongs to Doctor Evil. Good luck finding it.

    I wish animals all had the ability to talk.

  • Granted. They beat me up…in SSB. I get close with Sheik, but one of the guys had Capt. Falcon, so it didn't work out.

    I wish for a shark with a laser beam attached to its head and that he doesn't attack me at all.

  • Granted. Nothing changes.

    ! Some women already are as busty as the artists here render them. ;)

    I wish for a random street gang to rough up Supro in a dark alley, completely by chance. You know, for continually meddling with my dreams of vast wealth and all that… :D

  • After about the fifth or sixth time that happens, you get fed up with having to fight birds just to go about your daily business, Especially when they keep doing their "daily business" all over you and your clothes. Soon, it gets to the point where you are restricted to using drive-throughs, walk-up windows, and delivery services for everything…..

    I wish women really did look as busty as the artists here render them......

  • Granted. You get to watch two fat guys in bikini wrestle in mud.

    I wish to have doves fly out every time I walk into a building like in those John Woo movies.

  • Granted. Unfortunately, he decides to becomes a transsexual woman.

    Ouch, Supro got it first…

    Granted. It comes out of the asses of the aforementioned shareholders. Consequently the are unable to afford a lawyer to convict me and I walk free. You get the gold, all of it and then some–not just 2.5 tons but 2.5 metric tons. You have a wonderful time daydreaming about it.
    ! Unfortunately, due to existing laws, a bank may use whatever assets it has in its possession in order to pay off debts (both external debts as well as paying its employees) and no account theretofore is exempt (seriously look it up). The money may be in your name but possession is 9/10ths of the law and the bank possesses it; thereby the bank legally owns it. This bank is a conglomerate which had also been horribly irresponsible in the derivatives market, making irresponsible loans, as well as top-heavy in paying its employees. All the other customers' money pays off the debt, while the CEO is a global elite who decides that 2.5 metric tons of gold is a nice additional padding to his retirement severance package he'll pay himself in addition to 1.35 billion dollars. The bank goes belly up. The CEO is never even investigated. You wake up and all that gold is gone with no way of getting it back because everything the bank did is "legal". In fact the feds tell you in addition to refusing to investigate if you don't cease and desist, you will be 'disappeared'.

    I wish to be in the front row watching bikini mud wrestling.

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