enchantment table recipe

  • That reminds me of a course in Harvard…


    It's an ethical dilemma to be sure. As a doctor that took an oath to do no harm the only course of action is A. Still, it's certainly not an easy one. Check out that video.

    You come across a god and are presented two choices, you:
    A) Fix the current world and its problems, or…
    B) Design and create your own new world, leaving the present world to its fate.

    edit: By the way, a scenario very similar to yours, as a doctor, comes up at about 10 minutes.

  • b - explore many v-world (i got a wife, no need for a, + we can both explore v worlds)

    5 guys need different organs transplants; a healthy (compatible) guy is in the waiting room:

    a - wait for proper organ donors (and risk the 5 die)

    b - harvest the healthy guy to save 5 ?

    spice it a bit: the 5 guys are Einstein, Mozart, Kubrick, Anais Nin & Henry Miller

  • Ehh I don't really like either of those options all that much but I suppose I'd go with A. Screw meeting celebs, they're just ordinary people. As for what game show, probably something like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, that way I could at least make some money and the conditions are fairly simple… just spend an hour answering some questions. No spending months in a freakin' jungle or something and backstabbing everyone around you.

    Would your rather:
    A) Have an android sexbot (perfect body, great AI) of your design, or...
    B) Have a functioning virtual reality device (e.g. Matrix style)

    You can't sell or share or make profit out of either of these, it's just for your own personal use.

  • I think I'd go with B and wish for all the super powers (except the ability to shrink. That would be pointless).

    Would you rather have:
    A) The chance to go on a game show (your choice)
    B) Meet your favorite celebrity?

  • Definitely the singing ability.

    Would you rather…
    A) Have a super power of your choice, or...
    B) A wish granted by a genie?

    Also just to make it a bit more fun, what super power or wish would it be?

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