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  • I just tried to use the Geometry Editor in Studio. It let me select parts of the mesh, but I saw nothing about manipulation of the selected area. Dunno what's up with that.

  • I've been trying to get it to work for a non 3DX character who relies on crutches and it's tricky to get it right. I've gotten decent results for a medium-body shot but for a close up, I don't know if I'd be happy without a lot more practice.

    DAZ allows moving the influence zone separately—which definitely helps—but relative to a soft selection tool in a modeling package, it's frustrating work

  • Thanks :D I wanted to tweak her cheekbones to get them higher, but I thought it best to stop where I was rather than destroy all that work. I saved along the way in different files, but once you break that groove, you lose something, IMO.

    As for Daz's morphing tools, what you're talking about should be do-able, if the deformer's field of influence can be resized. Poser's magnet comes in according to the size of the item you have selected when you create it, so if I were to select a finger part and load a magnet, it would be much smaller than the one in the shots above.

    As well, the Zone can be resized independently of the magnet itself, which allows you to get a tighter focus on the affected area, or it can be enlarged so that changes cover a wider area, or it can be moved to the edge where the influence is weaker.

    But as I said, I've still not used Studio's deform tools, so I don't know.

  • Thanks for sharing all the screenshots. You got so close on this take—very impressive.

    It looks like the morphing tool is more like the soft brush tools in Modo, Maya, etc. Zbrush doesn't directly work with the base geometry, while those tools move the vertices to reshape the mesh. The problem with the DAZ deformer tools is that (as far as I know) they're limited to spherical shapes—you can scale it, but not shape it to match other geometry (like if somebody sits on the corner of a table and their thigh bends on the edge).

  • At this point, I switched to the Morphing Tool, which is probably Poser's most-powerful accessory.

    The Morphing Tool works on the currently-selected item (head, etc) but not the whole body of a figure. I suppose you could sculpt an entire full body morph by working on the base OBJ. Haven't tried it.

    Now, there's this one spot of Cassandra's cheek I couldn't replicate with morphs:

    I hit it with the Morph Tool, as well as a small spot on her cheekbones.

    One quick swipe later:

    The Morph Tool has this neat little Mirror function I didn't get a shot of, but it replicates the morph you made on one side of an object to the other, so that's how I did the other side of the face.

    However, where I really put the Morph Tool to the test (as well as my nerves!) was tweaking her eyebrows and that upper lip thing. I'd never done that kind of work with the MT before, and just knew I was about to fuck it up :lol:

    Like a dumbass, I didn't take any shots of the progression of that, but I did go back and tweak a few of the base morph dials as I went along, because they were a bit too heavy.

    But, I'm happy with the results. This was the first time I'd done such an extensive procedure on a figure :D

    Might work up the nerve to try something without using morph dials. One day :lol:

  • Now, how this was done (for those who care :p )

    I started with the base G2F morphs, shaping the head as close as I could with those.

    I set up my viewports so I can see several angles as I work:

    In case you're wondering about the Grid view - that's the Hi-Res Ground Plane prop that comes with PP2014, scaled down and set to display as Mesh. Really helps in seeing how features line up :D

    The Front camera gives me a perfectly flat view, the side camera lets me see past the G2F figure so I can see how far off the original I am, and the Face camera I use to rotate in different angles to see WTF I'm doing.

    Once I got as much as I could from the default head morphs, I loaded a magnet:

    Then I parent the Zone to the MagBase (so the Zone follows the base if I have to move it).

    Aww, idn't she cute?

    Doesn't take much to bring her head in place, but you do want to add the Eyes to the list of affected objects, otherwise you get pokethrough that you can't brush out:


  • Ok, here 'tis: Cassandra's head for G2F. I do hope you've got the Hed Morphs for Genesis 2 Females, other wise I'm not sure if this'll work. I used a fair amount of the base head morphs (no Character-specific morphs), but I can't load a "base" G2F that I have to Inject like with V4 - I load her up and I can dial in 30+ different characters. Not sure if that's because I have those 30 different characters or if they all came in the G2F Morphs pack. Just so ya know.

    Here's the zip:

    I really hope you've got awesome textures, hair, and skills, cuz I can't make her not look like a dude.

    Loading it up is a bit different from V4 - you have to select the Head and Load Morph Target - Full Body Morph doesn't work like it did on the other one.

    And again, the eyes are a problem: simply move them up 0.001 and back -0.002 and they'll pop in place.

    I don't recommend taking the morph to 1, though. 0.8 was as far as I could go and still look at her :lol:
    But it's your party now.

  • Yeah, I saw that left upper lip thing. I got that covered :D

    I'd thought about converting some Skyrim stuff for my own use (remodeled armors and such) but I don't think so.

    I do like the Ruins Of Markarth the one guy has up at Daz though :lol:
    Tweak this and that, do a minor texture swap, and he's selling someone else's work. Nice. Not.

  • I think the most important part is getting a matching texture, and dont forget the difference in her left upper lip. As for the clothes, should be doable to just create a quick job with an import into Daz and then use the transfer utility to create clothing out of it. It doesnt seem to have wide arching stuff so running this through and then smoothing the weight maps should do the trick.

    Just dont think about creating a series and selling it with those models. Might get you into trouble :D

  • Thanks :D Back in Ye Olden Days, before you could find character morphs and morph resource packs, we had to do it all with Magnets inside Poser. The Morphing Tool is a great feature, but it does take some getting used to. I've not used Z-brush and the like, but from what I've seen, the Morphing Tool is a similar concept.

    I'm unaware of what tools Studio has - I just never dug that far into it.

    Once I get to the point of using the Morph Tool with the G2F version, I'll do some before and after shots, but mostly I try to work with the included morphs as a base. When those reach their limit, I'll go to the other tools, including magnets (which I should have used on the V4 version's chin, in hindsight).

  • @'Nuke':

    I'll give it a shot :D

    I'm curious how Poser's morphing tools work. I Modo for character morphs I can't dial in (although I'm not skilled enough for major mods), so I haven't used DAZ's morph tools much, but they seem fairly limited. Would you post a screen shot?

    Other than the chin, you did a great job of getting close to the original model. Great work.

  • I'll give it a shot :D

  • oh veeery nice work :D only thing that is little bit difficult seems the chin to me, but thats just a tiny difference :) is it possible to do this for gen2 also?

  • Ok, had to start over with it, but here's the V4 morph, as close as I could get it.

    (yes, that's the game mesh in the pics, but it is NOT in the zip!)

    Done using Poser's Morphing Tool and the V4++ morphs (no Character morphs were used - just the standard Shaping morphs). I sculpted the nose bump and tip, as well as recessed the areas between the eyes and near the tip to match the Cassandra model's nose. Also rounded the chin with the Morph Tool, as the ++ morphs only made it square.
    As well, I did what I could with the nostrils, but couldn't get them to match the original. I was able to sculpt the creases above the nostrils down the cheeks, as the default morphs put that crease under the nostrils.

    Download link is below.

    Load V4.2 (with or without the ++ morphs), select the Head, then Object>Load Morph Target. It appears as Custom Morph.
    Alternatively you can select Figure.Load Full Body Morph and it will appear at the bottom of the main Body list. Either way, it comes out the same.

    One little hitch - the eyeballs bug out BUTT this is an easy fix! Simply click the little arrow at the top right of your Parameter Dials and select Show Hidden Parameters, then select each Eyeball and move them thusly:
    -Right Eye:
    –X Translate = 0.001
    --Y Translate = 0.001
    --Z Translate = -0.002 (note that's a negative value)

    For the Left Eye:
    --X Translate = -0.001 (note that's a negative value)
    --Y Translate = 0.001
    --Z Translate = -0.002 (note that's a negative value)

    If after all that, you still wanna try it, here's the Zip.

  • @'hibbli':

    mmmmh yeah… more or less nothing i fear :D too bad it isnt available as morph or at least as obj file somewhere :)
    only things that interests me is the head and hairstyle, body is unimportant

    Which figure did you want the head morph for, V4.2? I'm close to getting it finished :D

  • @'gazukull':

    Oh man, Scout Harding makes me want to have mad dwarf sechs!!!!

    i was a dwarf and man i hoping she was a romance option…dlc? maybe?

  • I like how padme4000 is like "Please don't use for porn pix… here is the nude one." LOL

  • mmmmh yeah… more or less nothing i fear :D too bad it isnt available as morph or at least as obj file somewhere :)
    only things that interests me is the head and hairstyle, body is unimportant

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