MotD 427: Jared999D: Wild Lady

  • affect3d_jared99d_2405opt

    Todays' Media Of The Day comes from popular artist Jared999D and perhaps raises more questions than it answers.

    Here we see a very attractive and well toned lady, there no doubt about that but further gaze only creates more questions. Considering the decaying urban environment she is in and the animal print dress one could be forgiven for thinking she's a survivor of some apocalypse in some future dystopia. Add to this her fearful yet resilient expression and you could get the sense she's not alone. Lets hope she knows how to stay safe!

    Want to see more of this artists intriguing works? Take a look at their Pixiv page for more and be sure to check out Jared999D's titles available right here in the Affect3D Store!

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