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  • Nope…I don't suppose it does then...thanks for the clarification. Realised my error on re-reading the OPs post.

  • @'Veneri':

    Not sure where you are located, but at our post office you can get a pay and go type credit card. Takes a couple of minutes to grab…may need a name and phone number, but that's it and some cash to put into it :)

    I don't really think that helps him. He needs a way for people to pay him, not a way for him to pay and he'd still have to use some kind of online service anyways.

  • Not sure where you are located, but at our post office you can get a pay and go type credit card. Takes a couple of minutes to grab…may need a name and phone number, but that's it and some cash to put into it :)

  • Paxum? I do believe that they have an option for donating to e-mail. Not using it, as for me it's a shady service intended for money laundering but seems to be pretty popular choice for 3dx.

  • Bitcoin isn't a bad option but it's not as easy to get into as Paypal for potential buyers since it can seem pretty confusing at first.

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