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  • A jar of Polaner blueberry preserves. I went grocery shopping today.

    I suppose buying Christmas presents online doesn't count - since they aren't for me…...

  • Some collectible figures. Rockman X figures from the 90's. And a Mattel figure of Temari from Naruto–unopened box. Dem quad tails.


    as of today i am the happy owner of a gtx 780 (6Go) !

    HMPH! :dodgy:

  • I was able to find Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection. (I originally owned all 4 parts of the Solid saga, but gave them to a friend for a wedding present) thankful to finally own the complete series after so many years

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  • I caved and bought myself a PS4 a few months back, along with a few games.

  • as of today i am the happy owner of a gtx 780 (6Go) !

    but… that alienware design is so shitty it couldnt accomodate both my cards. i'm still investigating how to move all those wires away.

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