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  • I've also had a similar dilemma with some story ideas i.e. a parallel universe where evolution took a different path and Earth is populated by females and futa only. As genetic insurance, relatives cannot impregnate each other (cancel each other out) simply by an act of nature, so they're free to have as much freebie sex with each other as they like to (and they really, really like to!).

    I had also kinda sorta thought of working in an angle where these parallel universe people were highly advanced in mental and emotional states and are not bound by the traditional taboos of our reality, but quickly came to the realization that such an artistic vision will still not fly with the Feds, so it can't be depicted in online visuals. For some strange reason they still don't comprehend the notion of "it's a work of fiction, not a historical account".

    As for your specific story concept with the aliens - you could set up one species to be able to shape shift any body part - vagina to anus, anus to vagina, ears to penetratable orifices (brain is not in the head), removeable eyes for skullfucks, etc.

    Most of the time Joe Shmoe doesn't care about the how and why, but as someone who has a concern for The Story, I can understand that you'd want to have a "justification" for a given story element.

    For Poser figures, Satanica's RealM3Gens has a Futanari morph, but I find it's best to just apply a poseable female gens prop/add-on (I prefer Lali's for V4 or 3feetwolf's for V5/V6) and then attach Satanica's RealM3Gens on the front of the body. I'm not concerned with tucking the nuts into the body - they can hang in front of the vagina and that suits me. Both are easily accessible in the scene from the front or behind (or underneath).
    There's also a prop that converts a mouth to a vagina. Looks freakish, for sure. but perhaps on an alien race….

  • @'Cheetiot':


    One guideline is if it's something you will regret making, don't do it. Try to make something you will be proud of.

    This is it right here. I started thinking about the incest angle because I'm trying to squeeze in as many fetishes/fantasies as I can. There are lots of things in the story I'd not do myself, but none of them make me feel uncomfortable in any way, not even the inter-species thing (as they are all at least human-level intelligence). But this one does a little I guess. I was trying to justify its use to myself by using an alien species where it was normal and safe (no risk of pregnancy etc), but it's probably best I ditch the idea. After all, I can still use the characters, just not allow them to be intimate with each other. And it wouldn't be fair to deny the other characters access to this hot mother/daughter combo, would it?


    I figure it this way: if you're going to do something with one character, you probably better be generally willing to do it with every character–not that you will necessarily. It's okay if you have minor exceptions--provided they are just that and not double standards.

    Maybe you have certain characters you want portrayed certain ways but not other ways, while others you're pretty easygoing about it. For example Supro is particular about how he wants Lana portrayed in his work as well as giving an OK to others' fan art. Whereas Zoey, he's willing to allow a free-for-all.

    It's important to know oneself, and figure out not only ethics but also one's tastes as an artist. The best way to do that? Make 3 lists like you would if you were married and your spouse was going over your proposed sexual activities.

    List one: Things you definitely would do.

    List two: Things you definitely would NOT do.

    List three: Things you might/might not do.

    The first two are pretty clear. The last one is where you hash out the gray areas and draw the line. Just like with your spouse, you make clearer definitions in your relationship with 3DX.

    That is my piece, take it or leave it.

  • @'~ArgonCyanide777':

    Why not just have some of the ladies with other male sexual partners separate from the main guy?

    There are other characters outside the main group who have lots of sex that I can do other things with, but in the main group I just want it to be him. He's a lucky bastard.


    I'd like it if they came up with a true futanari feature (cock + pussy) for female bodies.

    Agreed. My brain hurts with the thought of trying to make this myself. Like the 3-boobs geograft I've still got to figure out…


    One guideline is if it's something you will regret making, don't do it. Try to make something you will be proud of.

    This is it right here. I started thinking about the incest angle because I'm trying to squeeze in as many fetishes/fantasies as I can. There are lots of things in the story I'd not do myself, but none of them make me feel uncomfortable in any way, not even the inter-species thing (as they are all at least human-level intelligence). But this one does a little I guess. I was trying to justify its use to myself by using an alien species where it was normal and safe (no risk of pregnancy etc), but it's probably best I ditch the idea. After all, I can still use the characters, just not allow them to be intimate with each other. And it wouldn't be fair to deny the other characters access to this hot mother/daughter combo, would it?


    And with recent ruling of EU ethics about incestuous German couple (incest is a fundamental right, banning incest is breaking basic human rights and so on)

    This surprises me to hear. Indeed, strange and interesting times ahead.

    Thank you for the feedback. It's giving me things to think about.

  • @'Cheetiot':

    I have a couple of questions about the story and characters, and a couple of more technical questions, that will hopefully help me get back into this. I know it's my project and I could just write and create whatever I wanted, but I'm still interested in anyone else's ideas.

    The basic idea of the story, or the erotic side of it at least, is that due to the laws of an alien species, one lucky human guy ends up in a polyexclusive relationship with a bunch of females from a bunch of different planets. Because I just don't want to make more than 1 male character if I can get away with it, one of these laws states that there can only be one male in the group. While most of the ladies are more than happy to help each other out, I still wanted other options to create images of penetrative sex without using the same guy all the time.

    Why not just have some of the ladies with other male sexual partners separate from the main guy?

    Sure I can use dildos and toys and the like, but I thought having some way of getting other cocks in there, or at least other phallic body parts, would be more interesting.

    You can come up with separate sotries and realities. Play with the concepts separately.

    So question 1 - do you even think a hermaphrodite would be allowed under the rules? Would they be classed as both male and female (so not allowed) or classed as neither, or a third different gender? The species of the alien itself only has one gender, which is otherwise female in appearance.

    See Futanari (translation "dick girl"). See also jbtrimar's works, miro's Girlfriends 4 ever.

    Supro even has some iterations of his girls like this.

    Currently there is only male genitals for female bodies (which technically makes them trannies). I'd like it if they came up with a true futanari feature (cock + pussy) for female bodies.

    Question 2 - along similar lines I guess, I was originally planning on using human pre-op male-to-female transgender characters as another way of getting more cocks in there. While the characters themselves would identify as female and would be treated as such, do you think them being born in a male body, and still having some male physical attributes, would break the laws the group have to follow?

    See above.

    My thinking is that there could be some other-worldly medications or procedures that could help them transition their bodies further than currently humanly possible, turning them into some of the most beautiful women ever seen, while still allowing them to form erections and ejaculate, until a time later in the story when they would have the full surgery.

    I believe this is allowed here so long as it doesn't violate the rules for "Do Not Post", which you might take a moment to read if you haven't already. (Or cuz ya just plain forgot–we all do!)

    More importantly, would any of these ideas offend transwomen, which I really do not want to do?

    Doubtful, at least no more than mtf tranny porn that already exists. Hell, I wouldn't mind seeing a pretty boy get fucked in the ass like what InCase and Kami Tora already draw.

    Question 3 - any other weird and wacky alien ideas I could use?

    If you like StarWars, I do believe ShareCG has some alien body parts that could be used on human figures…just a thought.

    Question 4 - This could be a bit of an icky one, my apologies. I came across a story a while back about a couple who had started having sex with their daughter (who was an adult I should clarify), and even let her join in on their swingers nights. Now I don't have that kind of sexual fantasy and had never even thought about it until I read that story, but it got me wondering whether there could be any place for that kind of thing in sci-fi.

    If polyamorous or polygamy is something you're looking into I suppose there's a place for that. Not sure how welcome or unwelcome it would be here, but do be aware that porn traffic engines may pick up on your works having incest and copies of your work may be found among taboo works that you might object to. Then again, it comes with the territory as they steal everyone's shit both free and paid. So long as your controversial works don't go into legally gray territory or worse that can get you into trouble I think you should be okay.

    I was thinking about an alien species where that kind of interaction was allowed and quite normal. Perhaps when most people come of age, their first time would be with a parent, older sibling or someone lika a close friend, who would do it purely to teach them so they would be more confident out on their own. Not unlike when our own parents teach us things like driving or home decorating. They could even have some kind of natural protection against anyone getting pregnant from someone genetically similar to them, so it could also be used as a method of having safe sex. For my own story, it would have to be either two sisters or a mother and daughter that join the group. Would it be weird to have that kind of thing in the story, even if they were not human?

    There is tons of porn out there where one guy is fucking a mother and her daughters.

    Fantasizing about fucking two hot twins or even just hot sisters close in age comes close.

    ParentXoffspring? That might be just a bit controversial. I wouldn't read it personally unless I knew for sure it was foster parents, and even then I'm a little wierded-out by it.

    However, considering hentai has this all the time, this wouldn't really be anything new.

    It could be interesting to have some of the other characters turned on by it, but others a bit weirded out. It might also be interesting to have them join the group and move to Earth, which would then impose restrictions on their relationship because of our laws on this planet. Suddenly these two females, who up to that point were intimate, would find themselves able to have sex with a whole bunch of other people, but be a bit confused and frustrated as to why they could no longer be with each other.
    Or is it safer to scrap this whole line of thought?

    Uhh…I think maybe you should start small and "feel out" what you would be okay with in addition to what is acceptable or not by others.

    Then play with concepts separately at first to get a feel for it...then start combining them. Very much trial and error. Do this BEFORE posting--I can't emphasize that enough.

    One guideline is if it's something you will regret making, don't do it. Try to make something you will be proud of.

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  • Incest is new black. One thing that Daddy Freud had right. And with recent ruling of EU ethics about incestuous German couple (incest is a fundamental right, banning incest is breaking basic human rights and so on) i do expect lots of crazy stuff happening soon. Like someone suing Visa/MC for labeling incest "inappropriate".

    As for popularity - there was (at least in US) a flood of incest novellas/paperbacks in end of 70s (as you expect) till mid 80's. If I remember correctly, there is a hit-porn series right now in US (dvd's) about incest (with well known pornstars). Can't recall the title however, and don't want to bother myself with googling for it.
    I do believe that it's still number one fantasy in Japan.

    As far as incest fantasy goes, I do (or at least I want to) believe that it does not involve actual members of one's family, rather kind of proxies - perfect mum, dad, so on. More like - "let's do something that we're not allowed to". Just like any other fantasy.

    Actual, real life incest is for me disgusting (gonna leave that statement for a while, but in year or so, I may edit that post to not be accused of hate speech: ).

    Good luck with your stuff.

  • Thanks Tokage

    Yes you're probably right. I should just do what I want as it is essentially science fiction after all. I guess I'm just trying to plan ahead and anticipate any problems people might have if they read it. One of my problems I guess - too much planning, not enough doing.

    That surprises me about the incest stories. I'd seen some pop up in forums now and then, but didn't think they were that popular, and never bothered to read one until recently. It's just something I'd never even thought about. I guess that's mainly because nobody in my family is that attractive, especially me lol.

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  • 1/ Hermaphrodite is third sex for me. Historically, recognition of such persons varied a lot, depending on cultural background (and still varies). It's a subject for long discussion. But as you noticed - you're doing porn, in an alien setting created by yourself - why you even bother wondering about such stuff? Just do whatever you like. Grab yourself a copy of "Umbrella Academy", and see how you can get away with whatever absurd idea you like, as long as you make it integral part of featured world.

    4/ We were running a site, where user could add their erotic stories. Guess what? Incest outnumbered other fetishes approx 2:1. I was working in printed porn mag. Most of letters addressed to a sexologist working also in it were around those lines "I have hots for my mum/dad/daughter/son…. Am I OK?". Incest is most popular fetish/fantasy. Period. Just don't expect anyone to openly admit it. But if you plan to sell/make money of it, any kind of incest will be against Visa/MC rules so just skip it. If it's free, go for it. Also, if you plan of having mum/daughter in same sex scene but with different partners it's not technically an incest.

    5/ we're happy with them

    6/ service I'm using for registering my domains offers data protection by default. Just contact one you plan to use and ask them about

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