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  • I can actually confirm from experience that the Alien fleshlight is very good, but takes a little getting used too.

    When you look at the diagram of the inside, you instantly get something of an air-pocket, before you push through to the soft bumps further up.
    Bought mine about a year ago, definitely seemed to be the most unique of the flesh-lights (Though I am also curious about the Frankenstein, but that seems more like a novelty given that its starts with a spiral/screw pattern)

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  • @'gazukull':

    @ rest of thread

    I obviously want an alien fleshlight!!! The real vagina ones do not make sense to me. I could just go have sex.

    I'm deciding between a Destroya or an Obsession :D

  • @ mattdark

    I am preloading right now! I will see you in a month…

    @ rest of thread

    I obviously want an alien fleshlight!!! The real vagina ones do not make sense to me. I could just go have sex.

  • Dragonage Inquisition. Just recently got round to finishing off DA2 in order to get myself prepped for it.

    Cant wait!

  • G4E DLC

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