How to reset AOL password on iPhone ?

  • How to reset AOL password on iPhone? By going into the setting. There will be an option of reset password, now you can do it by creating a new one, make sure it must be strong, with numerics, uppercase, and lowercase. How to change my AOL password on my iPhone can be easily asked by the users, to the team of experts.

  • That is perfect! Thanks a ton dude! :D

  • @'gazukull':

    Render image 2 @ 2560 x 1600? for wallpapers :DDDDDd

    Take this!:)

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  • @'Epoch':

    I know you were asking for feedback regarding the characters, but I am curious about that environment. Is that made in Vue? I thought you were rendering in Octane? How dense is the scene? It looks pretty poly-heavy to me. With three G2s and the environment geometry, how does the scene move along on your PC?

    Anyway, the environment looks awesome! Keep up the great work!

    This scene made in Cinema 4d. I used SpeedTree to create plants and trees. Distant plants made low poly and highly detailed nearer.
    Heavy load memory grass, its is very much in the scene.
    I use to render Octane and two GTX 760 4gb, and the scene is normally placed in memory.

  • I know you were asking for feedback regarding the characters, but I am curious about that environment. Is that made in Vue? I thought you were rendering in Octane? How dense is the scene? It looks pretty poly-heavy to me. With three G2s and the environment geometry, how does the scene move along on your PC?

    Anyway, the environment looks awesome! Keep up the great work!

  • @'Chimera46':

    Looks great! I would however remove the cheek tattoos given that she looks more like an aristocrat than an outlaw.

    Thank you!
    May be. But she lived in the dungeons, where their own customs.

  • Render image 2 @ 2560 x 1600? for wallpapers :DDDDDd

  • @'jbtrimar':

    That is one pretty character! I would like to see how she bends, though. Do her joints get messed up? Is she G2 or V4? Do you use Beautiful Bends or your own correction morphs? Sorry, but I was just wondering all of this when I saw this render.

    This G2F. I use my own fix morphs.

  • Looks great! I would however remove the cheek tattoos given that she looks more like an aristocrat than an outlaw.

  • name of the hair prop? could use that on my fifth character :)

  • That is one pretty character! I would like to see how she bends, though. Do her joints get messed up? Is she G2 or V4? Do you use Beautiful Bends or your own correction morphs? Sorry, but I was just wondering all of this when I saw this render.

  • @'gazukull':

    Good lord dude!! She is sexy as fuck! :D


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  • Good lord dude!! She is sexy as fuck! :D

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