It is possible to remeber being born?

  • I always had continuous dreams of dying as a baby, but in the dream when I was suffering pains and about to die, someone held my hand and said.."you'll be all right, I'm with you". It was not until later in life, in my teens that my nasty sister told me my mother tried to abort me. When I confronted her (my mother) she did not deny it, but stated "when you were born, you were loved" Consequently I am certain there is a superior being,.. A God.
    Robert, Armagh N Ireland

    When I was 1/12 to 3 years old I had bad dreams of going through a black hole and seeing a white light always being afraid of the light. I didn't realize until I was an adult and had my own children that the dreams I had as a child was my mother, having a hard time giving birth to me. She gave me up to a family friend a day later. I found my family.
    Nadine Boyce, Las Vegas

    Whether it is "possible" or not, I have several vivid memories of infancy where I am in my crib. I was once sitting in my living room chair at the age of 15, and suddenly, I had a memory- of being BORN! I had never discussed it with my mother before, but she said all of my memories were accurate, down to the minutia of detail that I could have known only by first-hand knowledge. I remember being in a walker at my Nanny's home to which I had only been to as an infant until later. In this instance, I was looking up at her thinking clearly to myself, "why are you talking like that lady? I understand what you are saying!" This is interesting to me, as it denotes that babies understand that language long before they can communicate back. In another case, I am even younger, in my crib, and I was salivating over the puffy little animals on my mobile that hung over the crib. In particular, the "red" on a horse looked delicious. I remember just knowing that if it was in my mouth it would taste "red". I described other places and the placement of furniture and such in places where I have never been, except as an infant.
    Avril B., Nashville, USA

    My answer is a most definite yes. I cannot remember being born but I have memory of being in my mother's womb. I have written a book (People Of The Womb) which should be available in late 2012. In the book I recreate something of the experience of our lives in the womb, the gradual shift to our adult lives and the ongoing interrelationship between the beings we are while in the womb and the adult lives we live.
    Richard Blinn, Canada

    I am 24 years old now and was recently talking to my Mom about childhood memories. I can remember learning how to walk when I was under the age of one. It blew my mind that I could remember that far back. The mind is a powerful thing, and on more than one occasion I have predicted something that has happened later. I feel like with the help of the right person I could control this part of my brain and do extraordinary things.
    Jorda., Michigan USA

    I have memory of being in the womb, and may be even before then... It was comfortable amazing and and dark in the beginning and then very tight, and uneasy. I remember forming emotion of discomfort may be even fear at the end. Also i remember forming the recantation on dim warm light or color,or may be temperature of light,later on, and constant beat(probably heart) i remember the event of Birth. Light and first breath and entrance the world. I remember the event being very difficult and painful but also victorious, remember haven complete consciousness at the time. I remember my mothers energy as already known. I think consciousnes remember were lost shortly after as i started to adopt to environment. At some point it becomes memory of memory, but i still can recollect very particular sense.
    Rina, moscow russia

    Absolutly, it is possible to remember birth and infant life. My parents tell me when I was very young ( maybe 3), I would tell them about being born. I told them about the brigth lights, the hospital room and being laid on my mothers stomach (things a 3 year old child would not know-this was 1951, before television was in our homes). I was pre-mature and therefore spent the first 6 weeks of my like in a hospital incubator. My parents tell me, I would tell them, “I didn’t think I had any parents because no one paid any attention to me.” No, I do not remember theses things now, but I have so many memories from infancy and toodlerhood that I could write a book. I will mention a few here because I think it is interesting to know how an infant thinks. I was about 5 months old and it was Easter Sunday. My family was at my father’s parents home in the back yard taking pictures. My sister and I were sitting on a patio bench, the type that is made of metal cross wires. I remember the light coming through the the square holes formed by the cross wires. The light was so amazing, I could not take my eyes away. I remember, everyone saying “ look at the camera.” I knew what they wanted but I didn’t care I wanted to look at the light. I have the picures from that day in a photo albume. In every picrure, I am looking down at the bench. I have another memory around 15 months old. My sister and I are sitting under a Christmas tree. We are wearing the new Christmas dresses my mother made for us and those little white shoes, all babies wore back in the 50’s. I remember my sister and I were not happy because the Christmas tree was not our Christmas tree and the presents were not for us. We were at the home of our parent’s friends and the friends let their kids open their presents on Christmas Eve. I suppose our parents thought my sister and I were too young to know what was going on but we definitly did know what was going on and we were most certainly not happy about it. I remember one of the kids got a stick-horse and I wanted that stick-horse so badly. I have that picture in my photo album too. My sister and I both look like we are about to start crying! One more memmory that I find interesting is a thought I had some time before 12 months old. I was lying in my crib, and was thinking about the grave yard next door to our house. I remember wondering why people thought it was scary to live next to a grave yard. I remember thinking how silly they were because it was not scary at all. I do not think I thought this in words exactly but somehow I thought it.! Finally, the reason I felt compelled to seek others who have these same kind of memories is because of something that happened resently. Two weeks ago, I had an Asthma attach. I have not had Asthma for as long as I remember, but as soon as the feeling of not being able to breath was in my consiouness, I recognized it. Even if, I no longer remember being in that incubator, my body remebered exactly how it felt and my body took over. I knew to use my excersory muscels and purse my lips to help me catch my breath and most importantly, I knew the more I thought about it the worse it was going to get. Our muscels have memory (ie: riding a bike), so purhaps in some similar way so does our mind.
    Diana, Tampa USA

    I do remember when i was being born. In my memory, I was in a dark place. (At that moment, I was feeling where I m). After 1 sec, I saw a shine white light. And then my memory start in 2-3years old already. I m feeling before I was born, i was here in the world already! Any1 feeling same as me?
    DD, China Hong Kong

    I can remember my first home and my grandparents home (which I lived in until I was three months). It was a red barn with a white one level house with a white veranda surrounded by fields. There were mountains in the distance. As I was later adopted I was only told about where I had lived as a baby earlier this year. After typing the name of the town into Google Maps I was astounded to find that there was a white house next to a red barn in the town (there were not many houses in the town, so this was no just a coincidence) and, yes, there was a chain of mountains in the distance and fields surrounding the house.
    Bella, Southend Essex

    I don't remember being born tho I remember being in the womb. It wasn't pleasant. It was pink and swirly and I had a very bad headache that seemed somewhere above my eyes and made me feel sick. I HATED the colour pink when I was a child because it always reminded me of it. I also remember learning to walk, holding on to a couch and thinking my Mum and auntie talked a lot but it wasn't exactly a thought, it was more a feeling they talked a lot! I remember an incident when I was older, I could form thoughts then. My brother David and I were looking out of a window, watching Mum go to the mobile shop parked in the street. When she went inside and I couldn't see her anymore, I remember clearly thinking "Now there's only me, David and the baby left." Mum was shocked when I told her years later. She said Dad was in hospital and she told David and I to wait at the window while she went to buy milk, my little brother was about 6 months old so I would have been about 2½. I have other memories of being very young, some have been confirmed by my parents. The younger I seem to be in my memory, the brighter the colours. It annoys me when people say nobody can remember being in the womb or being born just because they don't remember and so they imagine it must be impossible. Why should memories only be stored in the brain?
    Jenny , Liverpool UK!

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