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  • I've thought about this one before for sure.

    I'd love a massive MMO combat game, that lets you switch from first person shooting to 3rd person close combat. Everyone would play on the same server which contained a persistent, fully destructible and rebuildable world. There would also be RPG elements where players would form their own factions and choose which other factions they would be friendly/neutral/enemies with. There would be 3 enormous NPC factions who were at war with each other, and each of these would have a massive city at the start. Player factions could choose to ally with one, making them enemies of the other two, or go neutral/enemies with all three. Player factions could fight with each other for land and create their own bases, and the aim eventually would be to see if player factions could get powerful enough to challenge and wipe out the 3 NPC factions.

    It would be total chaos, and there's no way it could happen with current hardware/software limitations, but I dream of the day…

  • I would love to work with ppl on a mix between Team Fortress Classic/QWTF and Brink.

    In this game you would be playing in fast paced 8v8 class based matches matches. Main gamemode would be the original Team Fortress capture the flag, where the flag stays for 30 seconds in one spot whenever it gets dropped, instead of the flag return mode. This mode was so much fun back then and it made Team Fortress Classic one of the most successful games alongside Counterstrike.

    The games would be played 8v8 with most of the original Team Fortress classes, but it will give players the option to customize the weapon and utility loadouts, so for example a medic could choose if he would carry a med pack or rather an additional weapon, and if he has concussion grenades with him that allow for conc jumps or those which can really mess up a defender (and your own teammates) when thrown at them.

    For the setting, a gritty theme like the one in Brink would be amazing, while still trying to aim for maps which are not totally cluttered with all kinds of bushes and grass. I really hate most of the realism shooter clutter in the maps that only add to being able to hide and camp. This game would have no place for that type of stuff and just be about furious pace and action.

    I am biased however since I was playing Team Fortress Classic for roughly 5 years in a european top clan at that time, so I would love to see this once great game come back to life.

  • Unoriginal as it is I wanted to make a megaman romhack. I know hex but…bleh I'm not sure I'm up for learning 6502 assembly language...

    I thought of a way to connect the original series to the X series with a dark story twist. Turns out I wasn't the first to have that idea in terms of storyline. Someone else got to it first.

    The game itself is piss easy until the last level and there's a whole lot about it that could stand some edits, tweaking, and cleanup. But this is the general story idea of what I wanted to do for an ending to the original, and a transition to the X series.

    Skip to 5:00 to see what I'm talking about.

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