Staff Pick #12: Monkeys

  • Welcome to the everyonceinawhiledidyoucatchthatsimpsonsfuturamacrossoverearlierthismonth column Affect3D Staff Picks! Let's see what our staff picked this time around!

    Miro’s Pick: Ed

    "The level of realism we must achieve in 3DX"

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    Supro’s Pick: The Salad Mixxxer

    “I'm guessing you've already seen that other video. But they do have some other gems like this one.”

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    Fredfred5150′s Pick: Scroguard Infomercial

    “Either safe sex has gone to far or peoples standard's are going down.”

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    Morfium’s Pick: Console Living Room

    “Do you ever wanted to play games from old consoles? Here you have the chance, and it's legal and free!”

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