NEW Store Release - Lustplorers 11

  • Get ready to launch your libido into outer space as Lustplorers Episode 11 from Jepner is released in the Affect3D Store!

    Captain Coxxx's attempt to have some threeway fun with 2 of his bisexual crewmates is interrupted by the arrival of strange cargo…an apparently undead alien futanari. As his crew attend to that, his sexy alien crewmate Zahula takes him to his quarters for some “rest”. However letting him sleep is the last thing on her mind and before long she's showing him her deepthroating skills and letting his big cock fuck her ass in many positions until she's filled with cum! Will Adam Coxxx ever get some rest, and what of the alien creature?

    0 affect3d-main_product_image-Lustplorers11

    Jepner has a unique gift not just for creating an entire sci-fi themed universe in which his titles can take place, but also for filling them with carnal acts of cosmic sex! The Lustplorers series hasn't got to an eleventh installment by not bringing to the table something 3DX fans really want. If you're looking for a well written and humorous story to go along with some hot intergalactic alien sex action Lustplorers Episode 11 is well worth checking out. And for a limited time, you can get Lustplorers for only $5! So get your copy now!

    Buy Now Lustplorers 11 over at the Affect3D Store

    or discretely at our BMT Micro Page now!

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