Keto Premiere Australia Price- Does it Work? Shark Tank Review & Buy

  • Keto Premiere Australia increases your energy and you also will not feel hungry as much as you used to feel in the past. It has a number of health and wellness benefits that consist of weight loss, reduced blood sugar levels, as well as provide power to the mind which helps to suppress cravings. Likewise, BHB can be found in Keto Premiere Australia that begins the rapid burning of fat in the body as well as creating energy through your metabolism.

  • I started mine last week, we shall see how this goes. I have it set out to where I release a new image everyday and they get access to this for $1 a month, but I also post free images on there too, I'm using it as sort of a blog since my main presence is on tumblr and deviantart and also pixiv for the international interest.

    I also had a thought about someone creating a main patreon for all the 3d artists that are interested, this would bring in several interested parties and it would be a one stop shop for new 3d content for fans of said artists. the income would be split evenly with all artists naturally.

  • mh suggestions… hard to tell... simply depends on if people like your stuff or not, no big hints :)

    my pledges are more expensive than most other ones, guess its easier to get people in if you offer all stuff for 5 or 10$ :) but if people really like what you do, and that is what patreon means to me, they will also pay higher pledges...

    a very important thing is to get your own domain/host and building up regular traffic... i started with few hundreds... meanwhile i have around 70k visitors per month. many do, but i wouldnt use blogspot or whatever thingie. so you have always your domain/kingdom to focus on and can build all that social media stuff around it... deviantart and hentaifoundry got me most traffic, but you should also use fb/google/tumblr/blogspot/twitter/whatever plapla... just watch sidebar on my website :)

  • Yeah, I set up a patreon too, not so much for me, but also for Ambient Dimension. I would like to actually upgrade my computer, maybe get one that can handle Octane.

    Any suggestions on how to get more folks donating?

  • I've always been tempted but I feel like if too many people start using Patreon it will ruin the usefulness of Patreon.

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  • well yeah maybe… but as i wrote there, thats one of my preferred goals... get enough money from patreon one day so i can hand out my complete stuff for free

  • 500 dollars is a nice tip O.O Let alone with only 17 patrons? You should be the one giving tips I'd say :D

    I wish there was some search engine for adult patreons.

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