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  • I'm trying not to speculate anything but your redhead gives me somewhat an impression of Drew Barrymore.

  • amazing! love the xmas tree upskirt ^_^

  • Excellent stuff dude! This one is boggling my mind! :D

  • Thanks,

    I just starting to make a little website to expose my sexy works :

    So, more hot stuff to come. :-)

  • Nice stuff! Keep it coming. :D

  • Haha, the last one is really nice! I wish a gift like this would be under my christmas tree.

  • Thanks all ! Merci à vous ! :-)

    Two new little images, always on the Christmas theme :

  • Excellent artwork. :-)

  • beau boulot !
    bienvenu parmi nous :)

  • this is really art!

  • Some really good work here, the attention to detail is what makes this stand out from the rest!

  • Thanks. Indeed, not easy to make realist skin.

    Here is my last one that I reserve for a Christmas gallery. I hope you like it. : -)

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