Lose your Weight / Lose your Weight, Not your Mind

  • Lose your Weight, Not your Mind!

    Admit it, we all have been there! We all have pretended to be satisfied with ourselves, despite feeling a little heavy on the outside! If anyone else disagrees and gives you that phrase- “Feel good about yourself”- you should know that they are lying! 
    Yes, this phrase is empowering and true to some extent, until it starts to appear as a taunting message after you’ve taken a long look at your pictures! 
    Such a depressing way to start a blog, you must be thinking. But it is the truth that is depressing in actuality. Enough with that! Stop living in a delusion and take a stand. Losing that extra kilo will not only make you look good but also make your heart and mind feel good. It is commendable if you have come to terms with your truth and decided on making positive changes to your body. But if you are making a wrong start, read on for some valid reasoning to only lose your weight, not your mind!


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  • Just started on another one today. This is such a neat program. Just felt like posting a pre-skele of another piece I am working on.


  • I think it looks great :D

  • I just decided to make an alien watching tv. I had a hard time with sculpting the face so i gave her a mask.

    It took me a while to figure out how to shape the character. There are a few things that are hard to manage. For example sculpting the charachter is alot harder than I thought. Looking at some of the featured works that are posted in the app helped me to figure out how to create a skeleton for the character, but sculpting is the really hard part.

    I have found that by carefully creating the skeleton and adding the right amount of shapes to the limbs, it make everything else alot easier.

    Instead of sculpting hands on this one, I should have used the skeleton to create each finger for the hand. Then mold the palms and fingers with sculpting. Instead I just created one big stub for a hand and tried to sculpt it.

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