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  • NBM V4 is very flexible

  • This one has some very nice breast morphs, also glute morphs and general ones. The pictures dont look like much but dont let them fool you :)


    They seem to play nice with Ralfetas, Rajdarge and others aswell. I especially like the control you get over the glute movement and also some very nice titty morphs with which you can emulate movement and add some believable detail.
    The tighter glute morhs for example are really nice, also crease and a few others that let you control it in a way I havent been able to in the past.

    Here a quick example for the range of glute morphs. The scale and up/down sliders are great for moving the whole butt area around and emulate sitting on things etc.

    For those to work you need injectPMD. I am not sure if it works with DS4, so if it does not then you can just apply the morphs in DS3, save the figure as a scene file, then load it in DS4 and the morphs should be applied and working. I know its cutting quite a few corners this way but thats how I got it to work in the DS4.5 beta.

  • Hey all,

    Thought I'd put my 2 cents into this thread:

    First, I love Misty and all of the morphs included; that 'is' my default. Now, as for the VaVaVoom set; I have it and it's very powerful but requires alot of playing with to figure out how to get it to work properly.

    The great 3d artist kalevra http://kalevra3d.deviantart.com/ told me he used the VaVaVoom set for all of his big titty needs. And seeing the incredible results, I've been playing with the set (and time spent playing with boobs is always time well spent).

    For me, I love the big breasts; but what is more important to me is getting the 'clothing' to fit over them. I still lament the loss of Wyrmmaster to the 3d community (thanks DAZ for ripping him off) as I know V4 would be big breasted and having even more glorious sexual adventures than she already does.

    So there's my opinion; so I'll put away my little soapbox and get back to work; so keep that porn coming, as I always say:

    "Porn doesn't make itself!"

    Uncle Sickey

  • http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/index.php?ViewProduct=74617

    Kaposers easy breast is actually what I use. I have found it extremely easy to use and great for animations :D

  • What about the NGM (New Gravity Morphs)? Those are my staples :)

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