How do I Void a check in QuickBooks Desktop?

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    How to void a check in Quick Books?

    Voiding a check in QuickBooks will eliminate your old checks. These instructions will facilitate you to void a check in QuickBooks was previously recorded in QuickBooks:

    • Initially, you want to click on the banking option so use the register.
    • Now, you’ve to click on the account that issued the check.
    • To pick out ensure you’d wish to void, click on the check number or entry.
    • Next, you have to click on the edit option then void check. You want to click on the yes option when asked with a message if you’d prefer to void the sign up the current period. Just in case you’d wish to void the check using the date it had been originally issued on click no.
    • At last, you’d prefer to click on the record.

    How to Void a Check from the Check page?

    Here is that the method of voiding a check from the check page:

    • To begin with, move to the expenses option.
    • You’ve got to choose a filter option.
    • Then, you want to decide on the check option within the sort field.
    • Thereafter, you have to decide on the date within which the check was received so clicks apply.
    • Now, you have to decide on the check to void from the expense transactions list to open it within the check screen.
    • From the pop-up menu option, you’ve to decide on more and choose void.
    • Finally, if asked you’d wish to settle on the yes option to confirm the certify you’d prefer to void.

    Void a Check without Opening the Transaction

    With the help of these instructions, you will be ready to void a check from the expense transaction list:

    • To start with, you would like to jaunt expenses.
    • After that, you’ve got ought to locate the check to void within the expense transactions list.
    • You ought to decide on a void option from the view/edit ▼ listing.
    • Lastly, if asked, choose yes to create sure you’d wish to void the check.

    Steps to Void a Paper Check within QuickBooks

    These are the steps for voiding a paper check within QuickBooks:

    • Within the start, you’d wish to click on banking so write checks. Click on the account from which the check was issued.
    • Now, you have to feature the check number into the check number field. Then, you want to feature the date to the date field.
    • You wish to feature “0.00” into the “$” field. Add a payee name into the pay to the order of field.
    • You’ve got to click on edit then void check. Click on yes when asked if you’d prefer to void the sign up this period. On the alternative hand, you have got ought to click no if you’d wish to void the check using the date it was originally issued on.
    • Finally, you have to click on a record option.

    Steps to void a Payroll check in QuickBooks

    Follow these steps one by one to void a payroll check:

    • You would wish to click on the payroll center icon just in case you’re employing a third-party payroll service. You have to click on employees if you’re handling your payroll through QuickBooks.
    • After that, click on the down arrow if you’re employing a payroll service so select void paychecks. Just in case you are not employing a payroll service, you have got have to be compelled to click void paychecks.
    • You’ve got to feature a date point the show paychecks from and thru fields. With this, you’d prefer to press the key.
    • You’re required to click on the paycheck so click on the void. Now, follow the onscreen instructions to verify the void process.
    • In the end, you’d prefer to click done.


    Hopefully, with the help of the blog, you have got an idea of why to void an indication on QuickBooks. We have got also mentioned the assorted ways of the simplest way to void a check in QuickBooks Desktop.

    If you’ve got any questions related to the simplest way to void a register QuickBooks, then dial the Toll-Free QuickBooks Support Number 1800-993-4190.

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  • Why is it that no one does it like this?

    The stretch over the breasts is key to making it look real and sexy.. I see so many times the fabric wraps around each breast, which isn't the way it would really look..

    Anyone agree??

  • Page is 404'ing on the front page for some reason. Regardless, mostly just want to say that while Epoch's Clara Raven's stuff is technically gorgeous the fact that the pinups of her have her almost always looking either very stern or flat out miserable make them very off-putting despite that hotness. She just doesn't come across as someone who's going to enjoy herself or sex from the pinups and I can't really bring myself to check out his stuff because of it.

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  • Excellent!

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