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  • thanks Tiffany. i also found uvmapper. trying the classic (free) version. forums there are 404. :-/
    seem to have made a map but i don't know how to use it in poser yet. guess i'll RTFM.

    looking for what's the easiest as learning how to create, dress, animate, save, and render is melting my brain. lol

    thanks again.

  • Headus UVLayout is pretty good. If all you're doing is a wall pretty much any program will work, 3DS Max has pretty good unwrapping tools tbh. Vertex and grid snapping is pretty nice. A lot of people like 3D Coat too. ZBrush is good.

    Those are all pretty expensive though. You could try Blender, it's free. Shouldn't be hard in anything though, just mark the seams. A wall should be super easy.

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