Breast Cancer Awareness Competition (Prizes!)

  • October was Breast Cancer Awareness month, but we think charities would enjoy donations any time of the year! So to help promote this we're holding an image competition…with some nice prizes! The sexiness of a woman is not a way of objectifying her, it's a celebration of her beauty and that includes her breasts. Whether they are big or small and whatever shape they are all breasts are sexy to someone. So isn't it a good idea to help keep them safe from the scourge of cancer?

    Charity Prize Match

    Not only will we be giving you a prize, but we will also donate money to Breast Cancer research. The total amount of prize money will match the amount given to charity. For example, if the prize total is $500, then $500 will be donated to charity. So we could donate up to $1,000 to Breast Cancer research! All you have to do is enter! Just follow the rules below!

    What You Could Win

    With this contest, we're going to do things a little differently. As the number of entries grow, so will the prize total! In other words, the more that enter, the more you can win! A total of $1,000 could be given out!

    breast-cancer-awards-500  Starting Amount

    • 1st place: $150

    • 2nd place: $75

    • 3rd place: $25

    • Total Awarded: $250 + an additional $250 to charity

    breast-cancer-awards-1000More than 10 entries

    • 1st place: $300

    • 2nd place: $125

    • 3rd place: $50

    • One $25 honorable mention prize will be awarded

    • Total Awarded: $500 + an additional $500 to charity

    breast-cancer-awards-1500More than 20 Entries

    • 1st place: $400

    • 2nd place: $200

    • 3rd place: $100

    • Two $25 honorable mention prizes will be awarded

    • Total Awarded: $750 + an additional $750 to charity

    breast-cancer-awards-2000More than 30 Entries

    • 1st place: $500

    • 2nd place: $250

    • 3rd place: $150

    • Two $50 honorable mention prizes will be awarded

    • Total Awarded: $1,000 + an additional $1,000 to charity



    • Pinup images are preferred. Sexual content is allowed, but keep it tasteful.

    • All images must place emphasis on the breasts.

    • A Pink ribbon in your image is optional.

    • You can enter up to 3 times, but only one image will be eligible for a prize. Any entry found to be plagiarized will be disqualified.

    • 2D and 3D images are accepted.

    • Most importantly, your entry must be sexy!

    How To Enter

    You can enter by posting a link to your entry in the comments section, if there's any issue with your post not showing up, email to [email protected] with the subject "Contest Entry" to let us know. Entries will be selected by the Affect3D Staff to go into the voting phase where the winner of that vote will be selected by the Affect3D viewers.

    But don't wait too long because this contest ends November 30th!

    Enter the Breast Cancer Awareness Competition by commenting below now!

    Check out the front page post Breast Cancer Awareness Competition (Prizes!)

  • @'Supro':

    We're doing deliberations this Saturday, then we'll be putting up a vote for the public shortly afterwards.

    Sounds good, I think the votes will be fun.

  • @'SinCyprine':

    so, how did it go ?

    We're doing deliberations this Saturday, then we'll be putting up a vote for the public shortly afterwards.

  • Yeah, I was wondering if there was any follow up about the competition.

  • so, how did it go ?

  • I :heart: Boobs, them bouncy-bouncy mmmm

  • @'Nerddesign':

    Here's mine, the beautiful Andrii sisters Yani and Floreigh.

    Could also be mother and daughter. Either way, nothing too sexual here; just casual innocence at their immodesty. You have my vote 'good sir'.

  • I would participate with this one
    have in mind also male can have breast cancer.

  • @'GunnerSteve3D':

    Here's mine…ge1426.jpg

    excelent… scary even considering the context

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  • I think you should consider putting this someplace it wont get lost, after a few days the post will be 2-3 pages deep on the site. Im not 1005 sure if the post should be here, on the main thread or both so here it is again .

    I missed making an iamge last month, taking this opportunity to do something on this subject. Thanks

    2 entries below:

  • If you can, make a comment on the main site's post so we can keep a record of all the entries easily. Thanks!

  • Here's mine, the beautiful Andrii sisters Yani and Floreigh.

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  • Guess I will add an entry as well. Done in more of a traditional "pin-up" style.

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