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  • Yep its scientific fact that when a person is in danger their brain process is greatly accelerated, Including your eyes being able to see more frames per second than usual, which accounts for the "time slowing down" effect that victims of car accidents/plane crashes report experiencing

  • @'fredfred5150':

    No, I'm not talking about anything related to Sam and Dean!

    In your life have you ever experienced anything supernatural? maybe seen or heard, even felt something you couldnt explain?

    share your experiences here!

    At my work: We cuting some very thick platt of wood and than the sawblade shredded in thousand parts and was flying all around us. No one was hurt bad that day but it was so strange, i could see the parts flying around me, even see the pieces that hit me and wound me. There was nothing anyone could do about it but i could see it…. was very strage and yes you could say supernaturel because thats what it is. In great danger the brain open all senses to 100% and saving enything, so if your survive you will have memorys about everything to never let it happen again.

    in honor katzekage

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