Top 10 Hair Transplant Clinics in Delhi / NCR

  • Your search for the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi ends here as we Right Select have prepared a list that provides quality services and has fantastic clientele repo .Then this stressful- life leads to several deficiencies with our body system, thus proffering our body to numerous illnesses and system failure.

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  • thanks, hzr!!!
    i will try that. by the way, your work is amazing!!!

  • Quick way to bend over a figure with DAZ. Bring up the Powerpose tab. There you got these nice dots that represent all the joints on the figure. With a CTRL + Leftclick on a dot you can lock this node in place. Do this for the right and left thigh. Then grab the head or chest in viewport with the Powerpose Tool and simply drag it down. Bends rather naturally this way. The only problem that Powerpose has is the fact that it does not react to regular bending. So for example when you lock the hands in place, and you then use a normal rotation of the upper arm, then power pose wont be applied and the hand would move even though it should be locked.

    But if you spend a little time with Powerpose Tool and Pane, its a very nice way of posing things.

  • I'll admit I worked with daz for a total of couple of hours, but could you maybe pin the legs, rotate the pelvis and unpin them?

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  • genesis (& newer) models have a pelvis node while Victoria 4 (and older) only have hips.
    to bend your v4 is to bend the whole model & then move her legs ….

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  • Sorry, jb…I always forget !!!
    I use daz 4.6 pro

  • G, please always mention what software you are using. Trying to remember what every member is using or going back to search through threads gets to be a bit much ;)

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