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  • IMT Hyderabad is the Best Business School in Hyderabad. provides management education through different programmes namely, Post Graduate Programme (PGP), Post Graduate Programme in Management for full time residential Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) Program and also Post Graduate Diploma in Management Program for Executives. We have dynamic experienced faculty. Our Institute have huge campus placements,for more details please visit our us.

  • Well, back in 2008, Digital Domain proved that head replacement was a viable solution with Benjamin Button. They did a much better job back then than with TRON: Legacy for some reason. Personally, I think it is because they used a better face capture technology.

    Anyway, I too would like to see how much further we will go. :D

  • one wonders what 3d animations will be like in 10-20 years from now!

  • It is also worth noting that the first entertainment use of the hand animation was in the movie Westworld with Yul Brenner.

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