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    1. condescendingly using "son" at the end of everything.

    There's a difference when country folk say it in a casual manner versus the venom in the voice of someone talking down to you when they say it. That's the best way I can describe it.

    1. "oh wow"

    eye roll...

    For awhile I caught the reflexive bug and it kept being negatively reinforced. Now with the help of shaolin techniques for the mind, I have reconditioned myself on a neuro-linguistic level to shrug it off, not reflexively say it, and not think about it when it comes up.

    I dislike it because certain kinds of ditzy women and socially retarded guys say it all the time, and also when I realized I didn't like cuckold porn there was a pathetic little man on the vid who said it when seeing the pussy he forfeited spread wide open after a monster dick got done fucking it. The former is reflexive but still makes me roll my eyes. The latter...was their choice but that doesn't mean I have to respect them for it.

    When reading it or hearing it now, I roll my eyes or I pause momentarily with "err" (and a little voice in my head says either "fuck off", Samuel L Jackson says "SHUT THE FUCK UP", or vegeta says "God Dammit!"). A quiet tourettes moment if you will.

    1. "I'm just calling it like I see it"

    Most often this is in a pretentious tone because what the person said or wrote preceding it was not objective in the least and knows he/she is trying to upset others. Or using it trying to dance around the subject of their own wrongdoing and insulting my intelligence. Or playing the victim when pressed on their behavior/position and obviously being nipped in the butt for it.

    I was a moderator for a now defunct forum similar in style to 4chan and old USENET forums. I'm pretty easygoing, so it irks me when someone tries to insult my intelligence even after I gave them leeway. Or someone keeps pushing after a warning, and then acting surprised when the alligator bites them.

    Usually it came from someone either being really political (all stripes), or it had to do with touchy subjects and someone being particularly distasteful, or socioeconomic subjects, or it had to do with religious, spiritual, or other philosophical views and ways of life. Once was a narcissistic guy in an R.I.P. thread, bringing up his gripes about the deceased and making it all about him--then started being an asshole to others who were criticizing him for his disrespect.

    1. "Well that's just how it works" "that's just how things get done"

    Used as a justification for things that are bullshit and the person knows it. All subjects. Usually around some kind of legal, administrative issue (i.e. bribery and/or double standards).

    1. "I wish you well" "I wish you a good day" etc. Said as a veiled insult when people obviously don't mean it.

    (the following not directed a the reader but as my persona in response)

    If you're a 12 y.o. that's one thing. If you're 18 or older and you say this, you're just fooling yourself. No, you don't REALLY mean to "wish me well". You hate my fucking guts and you wish I'd die and go to hell--just like everyone else does. Everyone knows it. Don't pretend like you're better than that. Say what you mean. I'd at least have a small modicum of respect for your candor if nothing else.

    But no, you just have to try to cover it up with a goody-good facade like a douche. Don't you, fucker?

    'nuff said 'bout that.

  • "It is what it is. "

    No kidding. I learned that in Algebra I. A=A

  • Yeah, I much preferred the term booty shaking, or making your ass clap.

    There's some stuff I don't like just because when I thought about it they make no sense like "cold as hell" for instance. Hell's like a burning inferno so really you aren't saying it's cold at all! :P

  • twerk-unsexiest word/phrase in the english language (second only to feltch)

  • The words "twerk" and "selfie" make me physically cringe. It took several attempts to just type them.

  • 'African-American'.

    It bugs the living hell out of me. I've met exactly two real African-Americans in my lifetime, as in they were born in Africa, then legally immigrated here to USA. Everyone else is just 'Black'.

  • Exactly, I get their use online, or when texting, as it saves time in that regard, but most of them don't work when your actually talking to someone.

  • Even more stupid when you realize that lol, brb and so on are no shorter to say than the full words

    lol=3 syllables
    laugh out loud=3 syllables

  • Bit of a technicality but, 'Internet phrases that people try and use in regular conversation'.

    I'm used to people using acronyms like 'lol', 'brb' and so on, but its when people try to use them in real life that it bothers me. I've heard kids chatting, and one of them thought he was being funny, so he said 'lol' at the end to try and get the others to laugh too.

  • Call me old fashioned but I hate the phrase "YOLO".

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  • "Win-win" and "think outside the box" come to mind.

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