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  • i like both , but boobs get the nod! one of the first things i notice is boobs on a babe and if someone would ask me "what did she look like" i would always mention " she had a great set of boobs" or she has non. I seem to compare or comment on the boobs more often than not :D

  • administrators

    what about the show you get out of big bouncing boobies :)

  • Myself, I'm a ass man from birth! I do love tits; but only as a prelude (via titfuckingt or slapping my cock against the nipples) to a nice session of anal sex.

    Let's face it; a lovely lady doesn't shake, shiver and groan if you fuck her tits. But when you slowly push inside the hot tightness of her ass….......the show is incredible.

  • administrators

    I'd have to say big boobies by a hair.

    My mother should have never breast fed me, now I'm cursed with a built in 'huge tits in tight tops' tracking mechanism :D

    But nothing better than to hold on to a girl's firm ass cheeks so a close one.

  • @'fredfred5150':

    Cant beat a big pair of boobs :D

    Depends on which way I am positioned. Or my mood. But I try to take enough time for borh.

  • my preference is boobs mostly, but I like a nice ass as well.

  • Boobs…
    mother nature created them, so that we don't have to look down anymore for our "viewing pleasure"... so let's do as mother nature intended and stare at the boobies^^

  • Cant beat a big pair of boobs :D

  • @'myself':

    BOTH!!!, its like asking which one u prefer to loose arm or leg!! i want both :D

    yup both, i like to bite the little buts so much but at the same time breast are as sexy as an ass.. so no we take both at the same time :) "grin"

    honor katzekage

  • BOTH!!!, its like asking which one u prefer to loose arm or leg!! i want both :D

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