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  • Thank you, both of you for the answers :)

    I try to find something in the free stuff but, so far, nothing ^^; I'm aware, it's not a "classical" demand :D I think i will have to use a .obj and make some tweaking (thank for this information by the way :) )

    And, it's true, I absolutly don't know how to use ZBrush…. and Daz's deformers too ^^; I will try to find some tutorial for this ^^

    And if someone else has some tips for doing x-ray and stuff like this on DAZ 4.6, i'm still very interesting :)

    Ho, also, some one know another site as Renderotica or is it the only one? :)

    Thank you all

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  • @'NovaDigital':

    As for deforming it, that shouldn't be too much of a problem, if you're comfortable using Daz's deformers. If so, then you could potentially use them to create a host of different shapes …. which you may then be able to turn into morphs and save the result as an entirely new figure with morphs included, for future use ... saving you a lot of time down the road.

    … and then there is always ZBrush :)

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  • As Sin linked, there are a ton of places to find free stuff … so with a bit of hunting, you may be able to find something that's designed for Daz/Poser.

    The page you linked from turbosquid ... while containing some really nice models, is obviously a bit more costly than you'll find in the general Daz/Poser content marketplace. That being said ... if you do drop some cash for something, so long as the model package you purchase contains the model in .obj format, you can import it into Daz with some minor tweaking of scale, position, etc.

    As for deforming it, that shouldn't be too much of a problem, if you're comfortable using Daz's deformers. If so, then you could potentially use them to create a host of different shapes .... which you may then be able to turn into morphs and save the result as an entirely new figure with morphs included, for future use ... saving you a lot of time down the road.

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