Steps to Connect MG 2522 Printer To Wifi

  • The first step is to make sure that the canon printer MG2522 is become on.

    Now you need to press and hold the wifi button on the top of the printer till the orange alarm lamp flashes as soon as after which releases it for the process to how do I connect my canon mg2522 printer to wifi.

    The next is to make sure that the wifi button starts to flash blue after which you need to visit your access point and press the wps button inside 2 minutes.

    The next is to make positive that your printer is turned on for the process of how do I connect my canon mg2522 printer to wifi.

    Load a sheet of A4 or Letter-sized simple paper.

    Now you need to press and keep the Cancel Button, button until the orange alarm lamp flashes 15 times after which release it. The network facts web page could be published.

    This concludes the WPS setup technique.

    Please now proceed through putting in the software program to make the most out of your PIXMA MG2522.

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