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  • Supposed to? No … but it helps ...

  • So, I am supposed to read particular blogs and partisan websites to know what the alleged truth is?

  • Right, just sayin'

  • Not to speak out of turn, but any project that isn't G4E is on hold now. As you're certainly aware, miro's working non-stop to get this DLC to launch. After that is done, we'll see where the story goes. It could bring us back to Evil Tara, or it could go somewhere completely different. Who knows :D

  • Is this even still in the works?

    There's a little too much speculation concerning the whole "what is evil" going on - yes, it's all about how a person acts, not how they look. Dahmer looked normal, as did Gacy and Bundy and even Jack The Ripper.
    That's going to be more difficult to pull off in 3D, even with a change in the tone and demeanor of the voice acting. The appearance has to be seriously considered. Yes, I know, it's narrow-minded and cliché to jump into the assumption that dark hair+tatoos+piercings+Gawth-look+dark makeup+pale skin=evil, but these are the classic images ingrained in our psyche as a civilization. The depiction of vampires (the non-bestial representation of evil) as being pale with dark eyes and brooding expressions and dark hair, etc. While a worn-out fashion trend, it's still accepted in story-telling as a suitable depiction of evil, particularly when said character goes through a transformation in the story.

    As well, the term "evil" itself is a broad brush - to some it's "bad girl", to others it's blood and guts and gore. I'm guessing Miro meant it in the sense of "bad girl" more than "homicidal blood orgy nympho".

    For example, after another wild session of wanton fucking where she grows more and more aggressive, Tara drops her "hot blonde" look, cuts off her ponytail and dyes what's left of her hair black, teases and scrunches and gels it into something that looks more like black fire with dark blue highlights than hair, and does so with a determined, almost crazed look in her eyes. That look that says "this bitch just went over the edge, and shit's about to get real up in here".

    Black eyeliner with burgundy mist eye shadow and thin black eyebrows that curve upwards on the ends.

    She breaks out the Little Black (dark-sequined) Dress and a pair of black stiletto heels, and hits the local "anything goes" club, where she abandons all her inhibitions: if she sees a girl she thinks is hot, she gives her a hot kiss and gropes her, then walks off, even if the girl is with someone else.
    She sees a couple doing it in a dark corner and joins in to help things along, slapping asses and pinching nipples and pulling hair to increase their arousal, then moves on.
    She hits the dance floor and gropes and rubs a few hot chicks, and they're drawn to her like she's the alpha predator.
    Maybe gets a few guys in the club worked up as well.

    Basically she moves around the room stirring other people up, but not engaging in anything direclty herself, until Ayako and/or Sayako show up (she sends them a text to meet her at the club, or some such), and she drags them to a back room and forces them to double-tap her, the whole time they're doing the "gee, I dunno about this, should we do it here? blah blah", still clinging to their inhibitions. Meanwhile, Tara gives it to them (or takes it from them, as the case may be) relentlessly.

    Or instead of A/Sayako coming to the club, she drives to their place (I'm assuming she's got a hot little exotic sports car that turns her on the faster it goes?). She knocks, they open the door, and there stands Evil Tara, hot and horny and scary, and she takes them while they're still freaking out over her change in appearance.

  • Ok, so this is my 1. post.

    Straight eyebrows - imo they are not 'evilish' enough. At the moment she looks more about to cry.
    What about more chin - perhaps with a little chin groove?
    More contouring of the cheekbones?

  • That hairstyle is pretty disgusting. I'd much rather a normal medium to long feathered hairstyle.

  • Not a fan of the asymmetrical buzz thing every pornstar is doing these days. Christy Mack rocks it, but it started getting annoying seeing it everywhere (maybe a case of baader-meinhoff).

    Anyways I think Evil Tara is fine with the hair she's got from Tara, only colored raven. :D

    I just hope by the time that project rolls around, it become feasible for Evil Tara to undo that ponytail during a scene and let her hair flow wild.


    UNH, too good. Too too good. One of my favorite pictures out of A3D to be honest.


  • Black hair is the only way to go.
    You add some Devil RAM horns on all the girls,some futa…GOOD TO GO.

  • looks promising for the future

  • @'miro':

    Ok, fine here's a quick full body shot… for those who need it o_0
    I'll post another one with mood lighting later.

    I made this a png, so there's no background. Thought that might be easier to work with.
    This is a perfect pic of my dream girl, wow!

    I miss the big cock on her to be my dreamgirl :(


    hey i was thinking for the evil Tara…How 'bout this kind of hair :


    10/10 for this, i :heart: this hairstyle good choice we will see if Miro is gonna take it for her, in this project after he finished the DLC for GF4 :P

  • Evil tara, haven't read most of this thread but itt she needs to be a super fucking slutty nypho.

    Well, that isn't much different than normal tara. Maybe evil tara just needs to be more aggressive, insistent, and talk super dirty as well.

  • @Miro;

    Define "evil". Are we simply talking about outward physical looks or personality/behavioural tendencies? Simply looking "evil" doesn't make one evil; its how they act, that determines evilness.

    If I were to say what I would consider physical looks to be evil, it wouldn't be that black haired Tara. Evil-looking to me, is based more on facial expression, and overall presentation (things like, covered in blood, heavily scarred, carrying a bleeding severed head, missing body parts [ie an eye, a chunk of their skull, three missing fingers, etc], something that would make you want to get away from them as quickly as possible, etc…).

    Consider this: Two of the most "evil" men throughout history, Hitler and Stalin, did not look outwardly as evil. They were well dressed, professional looking, and would look like gentlemen, until you got to know them. Consider avoiding changing the physical looks of Tara, and instead consider on changing how she acts, behaves, thinks, rationalizes things, and speaks.

    I personally think that Tara's physical appearance should stay relatively the same. I like her with her long hair, though I wouldn't be against have a more yellowish blonde hair (say golden wheat colored hair). Her personality, however could be changed to make her BE evil, rather than simply looking the part. Just my two cents.

  • haamome to tell you the truth the hair and the tatoos are the only thing i dont like on that girl

  • I absolutely love the idea of that hairstyle in this scene. It goes with the spirit. I like the idea of the nuns remove their habits and they all have crazy hairstyles you wouldn't expect - like this one.

    I'd personally find it hot to use some ageplay here and since you have so many ladies to look at one of them is Mother Superior and is 50 or so, but with a rockin' body. Maybe she has the only vascular cock or something to make it different, or her balls are low hangin' like an old man.

  • Have you thought about adding piercings? They would give her a more aggressive/evil/sexually extreme look. For example rings in her nipples, on one side of her labia, some other jewelry in the top of her ears. (I think the latter would really work with the non-evil, blond Tara as well, especially with ponytail… :) ) Consider assymmetry too, as it's even hotter.

  • administrators

    well regardless of how evil she is, she'd have to look super sexy and hot… at least in my eyes :P that's just the minimum requirement kind of thing for me when it comes to girls in 3DX :D

    but sure personality, demeanour, outfit, expressions all come in to play as well of course

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