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  • There are already quite a few mods to change the meshes and textures for the Player Character (PC) and Non Player Characters (NPCs) In skyrim. Look up CBBE, UPN, Sevenbase, better males, bodyslide, etc on nexus and you will find them. There is even a mod to introduce a futa race if you require chicks with dicks.

    Making characters that look EXACTLY like G4E will be much more difficult. With mods like race menu and ECE you can do a lot to change the appearance of your character (I've done a few of my own OCs in Skyrim). Then if you know your way through the creation kit you can make them into NPCs (or use the Familiar Faces mod). That said, these will be an approximation of the characters you want using Skyrim modding tools. Importing the mesh and skeleton of the actual G4E characters will likely not be possible, assuming those who made G4E would want to release their meshes, which is highly doubtful. On top of that, assuming G4E was made with Daz figures, I am pretty sure plopping the actual Daz meshes and skeletons into a game would violate their TOS.

    You are better off modding the hell out of Skyrim and using modding tools to make your own characters.

    From the developer angle, making a mod of your original characters (OCs) and then releasing them as a mod for Skyrim (or any other game) has it's advantages in terms of free advertising, but may also open yourself up to attack on intellectual property grounds. Basically, you are inserting your own IP into someone elses' IP, rather than say it being a grassroots fan based mod. That is less likely to be something that legal teams ignore. Think what would happen if Pepsi made a Pepsi mod for Skyrim? If a fan does it, it's all good fun, so who cares? If Pepsi does it, fire up the lawyer-mobile!

    That said, I would agree that the game engine used to make skyrim could be a very powerful tool to basically make sex based videogames, especially if HDT and such are developed further.

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