Steps To Fix Canon Printer Print Slow

  • Cancel all of the printing jobs

    In order to fix the issue for why does my canon printer print slow make a right-click on at the printer once more and select the printer houses.

    Later to this, faucet at the ports tab and make sure that each one port has been eliminated. Make, click on OK choice to practice alteration.

    Make click on the printer icon available on the taskbar to look at a number of jobs within the queue.

    Disabling Automatic Duplexing

    The first step is to open the printer properties once more

    Now you need to click on the device settings to fix the issue for why does my canon printer print slow.

    Later to this, execute the step for the checkbox to permit the manual duplexing

    Then make click on OK Option

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  • @'knight77':


    The one that does more things!

    You mean working and usefull things, right?

    Obviously. That goes in the defintion of "does." Otherwise, it "doesn't."

    Thankfully I've never had that problem with any of my phones.

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